Central Services Construction and Purchasing 

​Central Services welcomes and encourages participation from all contractors.

Goods and Services

Goods - Active bids for goods are posted at www.bxwa.com:

  • Choose “Posted Projects”
  • Then “Goods and Services”
  • Then “Thurston County Goods and Services”
  • Then “Goods and Services”

When there are no active requests the site will state there are none. Items most frequently bid are large equipment items for road maintenance.

Consulting Services - Active Requests for Qualifications or Proposals (RFQ or RFP) are posted on our site.

You can access RFPs and RFQs by clicking here.

​Construction Projects

Formal Projects - Estimated Cost of $300,000 or More - General contractors are welcome to obtain the specifications for the project. Active bidding documents are posted at www.bxwa.com:

  • Choose “Posted Projects”
  • Then “Public Works”
  • Then “Counties, Thurston County”
  • Then “Central Services”
  • Then "Projects Bidding"

Small Works Roster - Estimated Cost of $40,000 to Less Than $300,000 - The Washington Revised Code (RCW) authorizes use of small works roster procedures, rather than formal bidding and advertisement, for soliciting bids for public work construction projects with an estimated cost of $40,000 to less than $300,000. Contractors must be registered on our small works roster to bid on any of our small works roster projects. To apply for admission as a contractor to the Central Services Small Works Roster, see the registration information.

​Surplus Personal Property – Public Sale Only

Office equipment, furniture, and other materials that have been declared surplus by Thurston County are sold to the public through an online auction.

This site does not list surplus vehicles and other similar equipment. Surplus vehicles and other similar equipment are sold at auction through the Central Services ER&R Division. Information on these auctions can be found by calling the ER&R Division at (360) 867-2444.