ADA Accommodation Information

Thurston County is committed to ensuring that all people have equal access to County services and programs.  While not every need can be anticipated nor every barrier avoided, if you have need of information in a different format, to accommodate a disability preventing you from using the information as presented on this Web site, please send your request to the Thurston County Webmaster.

ADA Accommodation information specific to the various Thurston County Departments and Offices can be found below.

​​General Information

  • Telecommunications device (TTY/TDD): 711 or (800) 833-6388
  • Web Site Inquiries - contact the Thurston County Webmaster.
  • All Building sites have signed ADA accessible parking with ramps.
  • Most buildings, but not all, have ADA building entrance power assist openers or closers which are low force units for accessibility. Buildings 5 and 6, the McLane Building, and Tilley Building A don't have power assist openers.
  • Most rest rooms have at least one ADA accessible stall.
  • Rest rooms are equipped with ADA accessible accessories such as soap and paper towel dispensers.
  • Most rest rooms, but not all, have ADA power assist door openers or they have closers which are low force units for accessibility.
  • There are courtrooms in Building 2 with ADA power assist door openers.
  • ADA accommodations can be made for jury persons in court rooms as needed.
  • All elevators are equipped with hand rails.
  • Upon request, assistance will be arranged where accommodations are not available. These are typically handled on a case by case basis at the applicable location.

County Manager's designee, Human Resources Director - Contact: Katie Gerard, or (360) 786-5498

Assessor's Office - Contact: or (360) 867-2200

Auditor's Office - Contact: Tony Wickie, (360) 709-3004 or

Coroner's Office - Contact: Gary Warnock, (360) 586-2091
Handicap parking is available in front of the building. The building is wheelchair accessible.

District Court - Contact: ADA Coordinator, (360) 754-4102 or (360) 786-5450, or via e-mail at

Request for Reasonable Accomodation:

Fair - Contact: Kari Bodnar or Polly Stoker, (360) 786-5453

Sheriff's Office - Contact: Chief Dave Pearsall, (360) 786-5503

Superior Court - It is the policy of the Superior Court to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal and full access to the judicial system.

Contact: ADA Coordinator, (360) 786-5560 or

Request for Reasonable Accomodation:

WSU Thurston County Extension - Contact: Zena Edwards, (360) 867-2161, or