Thurston County Transportation Benefit District

​Welcome to Thurston County Transportation Benefit District!  

 System Preservation

Taking care of what we have.
Poor road conditions are estimated to cost each Washington driver $656 worth of vehicle wear and tear every year. We can keep roads in good shape by performing regular maintenance and preservation activities(more...)

 Roadway Safety

Keeping communities safe.
Traffic collisions are the 4th leading cause of death for Thurston County residents – between 2013 and 2017, there were 132 fatal and serious injury collisions in Thurston County. Washington State has adopted Target Zero (more...)

 Updated Technology

Using technologies that deliver travel time, safety, and construction/maintenance cost benefits.
Investing TBD funds in state-of-the-art transportation technologies can improve the efficiency of our transportation system by reducing travel times, improving safety, and streamlining maintenance and reducing energy use.(more...)


 Thurston County's Transportation System by the Numbers

  •  More than 1,038 miles of roadway
  •  147 bridges
  •  106 miles of sidewalks
  •  56 miles of trails
  •  More than 24 miles of guardrails
  •  More than 1,000 street lights
  •  1,170 Miles of public stormwater conveyance
  •  12 traffic signals
  •  93 storm water ponds
  •  Over 17,000 traffic signs
  •  Estimated Total Value: $1 Billion