Financial Reports

​The Auditor’s Financial Services team produces financial reports. The reports provide an update on county finances and assets. Use the tabs below to view county financial reports produced by our Financial Services team.

    The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report provides a complete look at county finances. Each Annual Report covers a fiscal year (January 1 through December 31). Thurston County is one of only a few counties in Washington that goes beyond the requirements of the Washington State Auditor's Office to produce a Annual Report instead of a basic Annual Financial Report.

    We take pride in making county finances open and transparent. As a result, we submit the Annual Report to the Government Finance Officers Association for review. The Auditor's Financial Services team has received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for 14 consecutive years for the high quality of its Annual Report.

    The Capitalized Asset Report provides a list of all the capitalized assets acquired across county departments and offices. Capitalized assets are held or used over a number of years, like land; buildings; improvements other than buildings; machinery and equipment; infrastructure; and intangible assets. The County capitalizes all assets except machinery and equipment costing less than $10,000. State law requires counties to produce this report every year.

    ​The Indirect Cost Report provides information on the unbilled cost of General Fund support services to other County Funds, such as the accounting services provided by the Auditor’s Financial Services team to other county agencies. The report also provides information on the unbilled costs for state and federal grants.

    ​The Financial Ratio Reports provide information on the health of different funds at the county compared to similar counties in Washington.