Ballots are in the mail, let us know if you need one!
By: Mary Hall

Friday, July 19, 2019

‚ÄčThurston County Elections mailed nearly 150,000 ballots on July 17 for the August 6 primary election. About 30,000 registered voters will not receive a primary ballot because they don't have a race or measure in the election. This is largely the Tumwater, Rainier, and Griffin School districts.

Only races that have more than two candidates file for office are on the primary ballot. If two candidates or less file for office, you won't see those races on the ballot until the general election. Visit to see what districts are on the August ballot.

If you have a primary and don't receive your ballot by July 24, please call 360.786.5408 and let us know!

Not registered to vote? You can register remotely up to 8 days before the election online, or through the Department of Licensing. Or you can register in our office up to 8:00pm on Election Day. Don't procrastinate and risk long lines.

Not yet 18? You can now pre-register if you're 16 or 17 and we'll automatically send you a ballot when you turn 18!

The Secretary of State just rolled out a new voter registration and election management system called VoteWA. All counties are required to use this new system.

While we expect this to be a great system, it has not yet been tested in all counties end to end. Counties across the state are working through challenges and are slowly getting use to the new system. Since we couldn't test it fully before the state had to go live, we don't know what we may encounter.

So, if you see anything of concern during this election, please tell us as soon as possible so we can get it right in the new system.