Get licensing services in your community
By: Mary Hall

Thursday, March 12, 2020

​For the third year, we're seeing the benefit of equalizing vehicle licensing fees on several small businesses that partner with us.

We call these small local businesses "subagents."

Eight subagents across the county license vehicles, just like our office at the county courthouse. If you used a subagent before 2015, you paid a slightly higher price for the convenience.

That changed when the legislature passed ESHB 1129 equalizing fees between our office and subagents. So now, no matter where you go, you pay the same.

And since then, Thurston County residents showed us that they preferred the convenience of the subagents. This chart shows a significant change in the years after equalization.

Subagent revenue.jpg

In 2017, the revenue collected by subagents increased considerably. While the transactions moving through the Auditor's Office leveled off, our revenue has stayed the same. But, the percentage of revenue collected by subagents is increasing.

When you choose a subagent, you support your community and local business. A portion of what you pay stays in the community as wages, rent and other benefits.

You can find a list of subagents throughout Thurston County here.