How we are addressing concerns about USPS and the next election
By: Mary Hall

Monday, August 17, 2020

We have heard concerns over the last few days from our voters regarding the ability of the U.S. Postal Service to handle sending and returning ballots. We share your concerns.  
Because of recent changes announced by the USPS, our outgoing ballot delivery may slow down. To minimize the delay, we are planning to mail our ballots earlier. Normally, we mail our ballots two days earlier than the statutory deadlineFor the November election wwill mail ballots five days earlier, on October 9th.
Despite this change, once you return your ballot, it is considered first class mail and should not return to us slower than usual. However, this statement comes with a few cautions: 
  • It will be important that voters return their ballots earlier, preferably in an election ballot  drop box.  Thurston County has 29 ballot drop boxes, the highest number of drop boxes per capita of any county in Washington State. Drop boxes ensure your ballot is received directly by elections workers.  
  • If you want to find the drop box closest to you, see this map on our website.
  • Any delayed mail makes it urgent that voters return their ballots as soon as possible after they receive them and well before election day. Do not wait to vote.  Vote early!   
  • If you do not receive your ballot by October 19th, please call 360.786.5408 or email County Elections staff will work directly with you to ensure you get a ballot. 
Thurston County has an amazing and committed elections team that are working hard to ensure that everyone’s vote is counted.