About the Board of Equalization

​The Thurston County Board of Equalization is a quasi-judicial board comprised of three citizen members who are appointed for three-year terms by the Thurston County Commissioners. Three alternate members are also appointed by the County Commissioners to serve when regular Board members are absent. The Board is established by the laws of Washington State and governed by the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR), pursuant to RCW 84.08.020 and 84.08.060.

The Board is separate from and operates independently of the Thurston County Assessor. It adjudicates appeals of assessed property valuations and other determinations of the Assessor, with a goal of providing an impartial and economical forum to hear and decide appeals brought by taxpayers. The Board is also responsible for equalizing the assessed values so that all real and personal properties in Thurston County are assessed equitably at 100 percent of their true and fair value, with comparable properties assessed at comparable values.

Hearings of the Board are open to the public except for confidential proceedings involving proprietary business information. Hearings are held during business hours, usually in Building One, Room 152 of the Thurston County Courthouse, located at 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW in Olympia.

The Board’s Clerk and staff are employees of Thurston County; however, they perform their duties under the direction, and serve at the pleasure, of the Board, pursuant to RCW 84.48.028.

Current members of the Board are:
Bob Hastings, Chairman 
Diane Pust, Vice Chair 
John Morrison

Alternate Members of the Board are:
John Graver 
Ted May 
Lee Ruddy

Customer Service Hours

Due to our hearings' schedule and limited staffing, effective July 31, 2019, customer service is available


Please contact our office in advance of your visit to make an appointment for consultation and document review.

Please call 360-786-5135, TDD call 711 or 1-800-833-6388, or email Ruth Elder to request an appointment with the BOE staff.

We do not accept petitions by e-mail, fax, or e-filing at this time. Petition forms or other documents can be mailed to the Thurston County Board of Equalization, 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Olympia WA 98502-6045, deposited in the drop box outside of our office (Building 4, Room 117, located at 929 Lakeridge Drive SW, Olympia), or deposited in the main courthouse complex drop box on the circular drive nearest to Building 1.

Staff Contact

Ruth Elder, Clerk / Manager
Board of Equalization


Office: 360-786-5135
TTY/TDD: 711 or 1-800-833-6388

Email Ruth Elder

Mailing Address

2000 Lakeridge Drive SW
Olympia, WA 98502-6045

Street Address (Map)

County Building 4,
Room 117
929 Lakeridge Drive SW
Olympia, WA 98502

Meeting Location (Map)

County Building 1
Room 152
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW
Olympia, WA 98502