Business Meeting Schedule

​Third and Fourth Quarters of 2021

Revised July 16, 2021

The following schedule is based on information that is available as of July 16, 2021, and is subject to change. Please contact the Board's office for additional information.​

These open public meetings are held in addition to any hearings scheduled on these dates.

These business meetings will be held at 11:00 AM or as soon thereafter as the morning hearings conclude:

July 1*, 6*, 8*, 15*, 20*, 22*, and 29* 

August 12*, 17*, 19*, 26*, and 31*

September 2*, 7*, 9*, 16*, and 21*

October 14*

November 2*, 4*, 16*, and 18*

December 2*, 7*, 9*, and 16* 

* The public's ability to attend the BOE meetings is by remote access only. In-person attendance is not permitted at this time. Members of the public may attend BOE meetings by calling the number listed below, which will allow the public to hear each other and the Board members at the same time. For the benefit of everyone on the call, participants should state their name each time before they speak.

Dial: 360-252-9027

Pin: 1234

Please enter the pound sign (#) when prompted.

​For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation for a disability, please contact Ruth Elder, Clerk of the Board of Equalization at 360-786-5135, TDD call 711 or 1-800-833-6388, or send email to Ruth Elder Thank you.


Notice of the Thurston County Board of Equalization's annual convening session is hereby posted:

convening notice 2021AY.pdf

Notice of Convening 2020AY.pdf 

Notice of Annual Convening.pdf