Clerk's Papers for your Appeal to the Appellate Courts

What are Clerk’s Papers? 

Clerk's Papers are the documents in the superior court case file that is designated by a party seeking review to be sent by the Thurston County Superior Court Clerk to the appellate court for purposes of an appeal or discretionary review.

Designation of Clerk’s Papers Process and Tips 

After filing a notice of appeal or receiving notice granting discretionary review, the party seeking a review files a Designation of Clerk's Papers with the superior court clerk's office identifying the superior court case documents and trial exhibits to be sent by the clerk to the appellate court. 

The Designation must include the following:
  • Complete title of the case;
  • Superior court case number;
  • Appellate court case number;
  • Sub number, complete title and filing date of each document requested to be included in the clerk's papers set;
  • Exhibit number and description of each trial exhibit requested; and
  • Printed name, signature, email address and phone number of the person requesting the clerk's papers.
To obtain an accurate listing of sub numbers, document titles and filing dates, you may request a case summary print out of the case docket by emailing our office at

When the clerk's office receives the designation, an index of requested items and a payment invoice will be emailed to the parties on the case.  The party who filed the designation is responsible for payment.  The fee is for preparation of the Clerk's Papers set and delivery to the appellate court ($0.50 per page). Shipping costs associated with the physical mailing of an Agency Record or exhibits is an additional $6.75.

Copies of the Clerk's Papers will not be available, and delivery will not occur until these fees are paid. Once paid, copies can be requested by emailing our office at  

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