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Court Ordered Fees and Fines


Under Washington state law, collection of legal financial obligations owed by defendants who have been convicted of a crime is the responsibility of the Department of Corrections (RCW 9.94A.030). In 1994, RCW 36.18.190 was passed giving the Superior Court Clerks the ability to contract for the collection of unpaid court-ordered legal financial obligations (LFOs). In that statute, Superior Court Clerks are encouraged to work with the Department of Corrections (DOC) on collection matters for criminal offenders who are under DOC supervision. It is imperative that cooperation and coordination are exercised with DOC, as records and responsibility are shared and overlap.

LFO Program's Duties

  • Plan and direct the collection of court-ordered LFOs.
  • Monitor compliance with Court orders on monetary obligations for juvenile and adult convictions through the Superior Court.
  • Investigate and recommend to the Superior Court Judges which level of ability criminal defendants can pay for LFOs.

Benefits of the Program

  • Collection of restitution due to victims.
  • Collection of monies to benefit different programs (i.e., crime victims, drug fund, court costs, sheriff's fees, and public defense recovery).
  • Making defendants responsible for fines and fees which has a direct effect on them meeting other terms of their sentence.

Collection Officer 

The Clerk's Collections Officer may be reached during normal business hours at

2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Bldg. #2
Olympia, Washington   98502

or by phone at (360) 786-5591.


LFO payments may be made in-person, via mail, by phone or online.

Cash, checks, money orders, debit card and credit cards are acceptable when making payments in-person.  Checks and money orders are acceptable for payments made via mail.  Credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks are acceptable for online payments.


Online payments can be made here: Make a Payment.