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Thurston County, Washington

Community Planning and Economic Development

Draft Documents for the Updated Shoreline Inventory & Characterizations Report

Draft Inventory & Characterization Report


Appendix A: Reach Analysis Matrix

Appendix B: Inventory 

Appendix C: GIS Data Sources

Appendix D: Acronyms 

Appendix E: Literature Cited in Chapter 3 and Appendix F 

Appendix F: Ecosystem-wide Processes Characterization Methods

Appendix G: Streams Not Meeting 20 cubic feet per second 


Map 1 Shorelines of the State and Shorelines of Statewide Significance 

Map 2 Shoreline Jurisdiction Changes 

Map 3 Proposed Shoreline Jurisdiction and Reach Breaks 

Map 4 Proposed Jurisdiction and Reach Breaks: Northeast Thurston County

Map 5 Proposed Jurisdiction and Reach Breaks: Northwest Thurston County 

Map 6 Proposed Jurisdiction and Reach Breaks: South-central Thurston County 

Map 7 Proposed Jurisdiction and Reach Breaks: Southwest Thurston County

Map 7a Proposed Jurisdiction and Reach Breaks: Southeast Thurston County

Map 8 Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIAs) 

Map 9 Watershed Basins 

Map 10 Topography and Hydrology 

Map 10a Shoreline Type 

Map 11 Geology – Bedrock Age 

Map 12 Geology – Lithology 

Map 13 Precipitation

Map 14 Coastal Processes Important Areas

Map 15 Coastal Processes Alterations

Map 16 Hydrology Important Areas 

Map 17 Hydrologic Processes Alterations 

Map 18 Sediment Processes Important Areas 

Map 19 Sediment Processes Alterations 

Map 20 Water Quality Processes Important Areas

Map 21 Water Quality Processes Alterations 

Map 22 Large Woody Debris Processes Important Areas

Map 23 Large Woody Debris Processes Alterations

Map 23b Local Habitat Assessment – 2008

Map 24 2012 Aerial Photos and Reaches

Map 25 2006 Land Cover 

Map 26 Impervious Land Cover

Map 27 Built Environment by Basin 2006 

Map 28 Forest over by Basin 2006 

Map 29 Critical Areas Biological

Map 30 Critical Areas Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas

Map 31 Critical Areas Hydrologic 

Map 32 Critical Areas Geologic

Map 33 Slope

Map 34 Biological Features

Map 34b Kelp and Eelgrass 

Map 34c Saltmarsh 

Map 35 Marine Fisheries 

Map 36 Commercial Shellfish Growing Areas

Map 37 Aquatic Land Ownership 

Map 38 Nationwide Permit 48 Parcels 

Map 39 Current Land Use - Thurston County Office of the Assessor 

Map 40 Current Land Use - Buildable Lands 2011

Map 41a Future Land Use - Buildable Lands 2011

Map 41b Rural County Zoning

Map 41c Future Development Potential 

Map 42 Registered Historic Districts and Properties 

Map 43 Public Access and Public Lands

Map 44 Existing Shoreline Environment Designations

Map 45 PSNERP Beach Management Recommendations

Map 46 PSNERP Coastal Inlet Management Recommendations 

Map 47 PSNERP Barrier Embayment Management Recommendations

Map 48 PSNERP River Delta Management Recommendations

Map 49 WRIA 11 Puget Sound Water Flow Management Recommendations 

Map 50 WRIA 13 Puget Sound Water Flow Management Recommendations

Map 51 WRIA 14 Puget Sound Water Flow Management Recommendations

Map 52 WRIA 23 Puget Sound Water Flow Management Recommendations

Map 53 Preliminary Shoreline Environment Designations 

Map 54 Preliminary Shoreline Environment Designations: Northeast 

Map 55 Preliminary Shoreline Environment Designations: Northwest 

Map 56 Preliminary Shoreline Environment Designations: South-central 

Map 57 Preliminary Shoreline Environment Designations: Southeast 

Map 58 Preliminary Shoreline Environment Designations: Southwest