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Thurston County, Washington

Community Planning and Economic Development

Joint Plans outline land-use and development policies in the urban growth areas (UGAs) of Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater (and also Rainier, Tenino & Yelm). Urban growth areas are unincorporated parts of the county that may be annexed by a city in the future. The joint plan is made with Thurston County and city governments working together. This leads to regulations that make future development more predictable for citizens who live in those areas, and smoother when annexation occurs. Joint plans are part of the county's Comprehensive Plan, and are updated regularly.

Review of this plan is scheduled to begin later this year.

Joint Plans are developed in collaboration with community members, city governments, and the county government. The process includes multiple opportunities for community input. Plans are separate documents within the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan, and also in Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey Comprehensive Plans. They are reviewed by the City Planning Commission, the Thurston County Planning Commission, the City Council, and the Board of County Commissioners. The final adoption comes from Thurston's Board of County Commissioners, which adopts Joint Plans as part of the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan.