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Thurston County, Washington

Public Health and Social Services

This webpage was developed for health care professionals and others who take action each day to protect the public's health. It is not intended to provide guidance for the general public. Communicable Disease Updates from the Department's Disease Control & Prevention (DCP) Program are faxed and emailed to local health care providers on a range of topics. Updates are typically urgent and occur on an as-needed basis.

Communicable Disease Resources 

Communicable Disease Updates & Provider Alerts

Report a Notifiable Condition: 360-786-5470

stethoscope on stack of medical guide books
Voicemail for reporting non-immediately reportable conditions (24 hours a day)  Phone: 360-786-5470 
Fax: 360-867-2601
Day time immediately reportable conditions – Call detailed information to the 24-hour Notifiable Condition Reporting Line at 360-786-5470.  Messages are picked up hourly.  If a call back can’t wait call 360-867-2500 and ask staff to locate a Communicable Disease staff. Phone: 360-786-5470 
Fax: 360-867-2601
After hours immediately and 24-hour reportable conditions or a public health emergency ​Call: 1-800-986-9050
No one is available with Thurston County Public Health and condition is immediately notifiable. Call: 1-877-539-4344

Animal Bites (West Nile Virus)

Healthcare-Associated Infections


Nurse Family Partnership 


Current Thurston County CDC transmission rate data can be found here. The Washington State Department of Health has specific guidelines for healthcare providers which follow COVID-19 transmission levels. Washington State Department of Health Interim Recommendations for SARS-CoV-2 Infection Prevention and Control in Healthcare Settings includes both required and recommended actions at this community level to be maintained until the community level has decreased below HIGH for fourteen days.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (WA DOH) 

Waiting Room Signs

Handwashing Signs