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Thurston County, Washington

Public Health and Social Services


All messages left on the 24-hour reporting line are retrieved hourly during business hours. 

Voicemail for reporting non-immediately reportable conditions (24-hours a day)  Phone: 360-786-5470
Fax: 360-867-2601
Immediately and 24-hour reportable conditions or a public health emergency
(During business hours Monday - Friday 9am-4pm) 
Call 360-867-2500 and ask for Communicable Disease staff.
Immediately and 24-hour reportable conditions or a public health emergency
(After business hours)  
Call 1-800-986-9050 
If no one is available and condition is immediately notifiable  Call 1-877-539-4344

Report an Outbreak or Cluster

Any cluster or pattern of cases, suspected cases, deaths or increased incidence of any potentially infectious disease or condition beyond that expected in a given period which may indicate an outbreak, epidemic or related public health hazard shall be reported immediately by calling (360) 786-5470 during normal business hours.  Although a disease may not require a report, you are always welcome to call for more information in the event of with outbreaks of illness.

Notifiable Conditions for Health Care Providers

In Washington State, health care providers, health care facilities, laboratories, veterinarians, food service establishments, child day care facilities, and schools are legally required [ADD LINK] to notify public health authorities at their local health jurisdiction of suspected or confirmed cases of selected diseases or conditions. These are referred to as notifiable conditions.

Most of Washington State's notifiable conditions are listed below. This table contains links to general information, reporting forms, and guidelines for investigations. For a complete list of notifiable conditions, see WAC 246-101. [ADD LINK]

List of Notifiable Conditions (Washington State Department of Health) 

Notifiable Conditions Reporting Posters by Report (Washington State Department of Health) 

*Source:  Washington State Legislature