Thurston County Disaster Resilience Program for Schools

​Thurston County Disaster Resilience Program for Schools brings area schools, emergency responders and emergency management together to work collaboratively to ensure the safety of our students and staff by:

  • Enhancing relationships with local emergency responders and subject matter experts.
  • Validating school emergency plans through training and exercise.
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities of staff before, during and after an incident using the Incident Command System.
  • Ensuring lessons learned and best practices are incorporated in all training materials.
  • Ensuring compliance with Senate Bill 5197.

For more information contact:
Sonya Kroese
Emergency Management
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Potential Training Modules

Training for these courses is free to Thurston County schools due to the collaboration of local partners.

Accountability (1 hour)

​Gain knowledge on the best practices of students and staff accountability and the reunification process following a disaster.

Active Shooter Tabletop (2 hours)

​Subject matter experts will deliver an active shooter tabletop exercise and you will have the opportunity to discuss your school's planned response to an active shooter incident.

Basic First Aid and Triage (1.5 hours)

​Learn how to recognize, assess, organize and treat minor to life threatening injuries.

Basic Improvised Explosive Device (1.5 hours)

​ Discuss the different types of IEDs and learn how to recognize and identify them in your school.

Bullying (1.5 hours)

​Review WA state bullying model policies and procedures. Learn how to recognize and prevent bullying in your schools.

Communication (1 hour)

​Discuss methods fro communicating with staff and emergency responders and know what information to have readily available for them. Identify roles for staff and how to transition roles once emergency responders are on-scene.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) (1.5 hours)

​Learn how environmental design can create a climate of safety and positevely influence behavior.

CyberBullying (1.5 hours)

​Discuss and review WA state cyber-bullying model policies and procedures. Learn how to monitor, prevent and respond to cyber bullying in your school.

Fire Suppression (1 hour)

​Learn about fire safety and proper techniques for fire suppression.

Incident Command System (1 hour)

​Learn the standardized on-scene management system used to coordinate emergency response.

Lockdown - The New Normal (1.5 hours)

​Discuss the "new normal" on establishing a lockdown respsonse plan.

Search & Rescue / Heavy Lifting (1.5 hours)

​Learn how to effectively plan for and size up and incident. Learn proper techniquest for search & rescue, and cribbing.

Shelter-in-Place (1 hour)

​Learn how to effectively plan for and size up an incident. Learn the proper techniques for search & rescue and cribbing.

Survivial Mindset (1.5 hours)

​Discuss the mental color codes of survivial mindset in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Learn to "Run, Hide, Fight" during potentially life threatening events.