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Deschutes River

​The Deschutes River is the fastest rising (and falling) river in Thurston County, responding quickly to local rainfall and runoff. Minor flooding (low-lying roads and pasturelands) occurs at a gauge height of about 9.5 feet. Individual residences are threatened at about 11.5 feet, and there is widespread threat to communities and major thoroughfares at 13.5 feet.

Gauge near Rainier Vail Loop Bridge, River Mile 25.9

Source: National Weather Service, Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (click graph to open site)
Graph above reloads every three minutes

Source: Washington State Department of Ecology, Flow Monitoring Network (click graph to open site)
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(Cubic Feet per Second)
​Anticipated Impacts
​1/9/1990 17.01 9,600 MAJOR FLOODSTAGE
The Deschutes River will cause severe, near record flooding. Residences and Tumwater Valley deeply flooded, with swift and deepwater flooding roads, farm lands and the residential areas of Cougar Mountain, Driftwood Valley, Falling Horseshoe and areas downstream in the Tumwater Valley. Flooding will occur all along the river including headwaters, tributaries and other streams within and near the Deschutes River Basin.
               16.5​ ​8,970
​2/8/1996 15.74 8,050
1/15/1974​ 15.68 ​7,980
​1/21/1972 15.28 7,600
​15 ​7,330
1/8/2009 ​14.47 6,840 MODERATE FLOOD STAGE
The Deschutes River will flood residential areas, especially Cougar Mountain, Driftwood Valley and Falling Horseshoe. Downstream flooding will occur in areas of Tumwater Valley including the golf course. Many roads and farm lands will also be flooded.
​11 22,900 ​FLOODSTAGE
The Deschutes River will flood downstream in Tumwater Valley including the golf course. Minor flooding will also occur in several residential areas, mainly Cougar Mountain and Driftwood Valley. Many roads and farm lands will also be flooded.
The Deschutes River locally spills over its banksinto low fields and forested lands, mainly along Vail Cutoff Roadand Reichel Road (east of Vail).