Why doesn't the County let me email someone directly?

Email addresses posted on the web quickly become targets for lots of unsolicited messages, or spam. Simply listing email addresses in plain text with a “mailto” link is a guaranteed way of attracting spam. Spambots are automated tools created to locate a particular pattern in a web page - for emails, they will locate something with ‘@’ and a domain. They also scan for [at] and [dot], so while that substitution (for "@" and ".", respectively) is commonly done, it is not very effective against automated email address harvesting.

Using a contact form is a good alternative to listing email addresses directly. This makes it easy for users to contact County employees while making it tougher for spammers to harvest contact details.

While contact forms are a valid alternative to listing all email addresses, the County understands some users may prefer to send emails directly or want to include an attachment to their message, which contact forms do not allow. If you are interested in getting a direct email from the recipient or want to send an attachment, note that in your message on the contact form so the recipient knows you have additional information you would like to provide and can email you directly.

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