Public Access is Closed to MOST County Facilities Due to COVID-19.

In response to Governor Inslee's Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order and Safe Start Plan, Thurston County continues to operate under an essential services model. This is in effect
until Thurston County enters Phase 3 of the Safe Start Plan. Courts and other elected offices may operate under different hours or restrictions.

(Solid waste facilities are open. For more information, visit:
(For more information on the county's COVID-19 response, visit:
(For more information on essential functions, visit:
(For office contacts, visit:

County Fair Contests

Hay Scramble
Sunday • August 2 • 2:30 pm
The 2:30 time slot will be for ages 5-8
The 3:00 time slot will be for ages 8-12

Come to the Heritage Hall Green to participate in this fun event.

A pile of hay will be provided with money hidden in the hay.
At a given signal, all those participating are free to search the hay for whatever they can find.
This is a timed event.
You’ve got five minutes to find your goodies.

The prizes are whatever you can find in the hay!