Department I - 4-H
Division A General 4-H


Points: Blue – 20 Red – 15 White – 5


  1. See Exhibitor Guide Calendar of Events for dates, times, and locations of the judging contests.
  2. Members entering judging contests will be judged as individuals.
  3. All participants are expected to wear appropriate, tidy clothing. Participants in equine, livestock, and dairy judging contests must wear sturdy shoes or boots.
  4. Participants may not take paper or books into the judging area, except as contest. Participants must provide their own pencil. A clipboard is recommended, but not required.
  5. A contestant found conferring/talking with anyone during the contest, except by permission of the person in charge, shall be disqualified.
  6. Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons will be awarded to the top-scoring Senior, Intermediate, and Junior members, as long as there are blue ribbon winners in each age division.
  7. No more than 25% of the contest’s total possible score will come from quizzes, ID classes, etc
  8. Scoring is done with the Hormel System, based on 50 points per class judged.
  9. Ties will be broken in the following order:
    1. Total of oral and written reasons score(s)
    2. Total Hormel System score on the class(es) selected for oral and written reasons. In other words, the score earned for judging the class(es) used for oral and written not the oral or written reasons score.
  10. Members must complete all classes. Contestants must attempt presentation of oral and written reason classes. Members who do not attempt all classes will have their ribbon award lowered one placing.
  11. Juniors and Intermediates may use notes when giving their oral reasons. Seniors may not use notes when giving oral reasons.
  12. Written reason cards that are illegible and cannot be interpreted with normal and reasonable effort will not be scored.
  13. Cloverbud members may judge large animal contests, if accompanied by a parent/adult. They may receive a Cloverbud ribbon. Please arrange with superintendent prior to the start of the contest.
  14. The top 8 Senior and Intermediate blue ribbon winners are eligible to compete in the 4-H State Fair Judging Contest.
  15. Guidelines on Judging Contests see: EM4647 Learning Through Judging and EM4789 Teaching Oral Reasons.
  16. 4-H Members must be enrolled in the project being judged in order to be placed and to receive premium points. At the Superintendent’s discretion, 4-H Members may participate in a judging contest in a project they are not enrolled for the value of the experience.


​A  Cat​XX​​X​X
​B  Cavies​X​X​X​X
​C  Clothing​X​X​X​X
​D  Dairy Cattle ​X​X​X
​E  Dog​X​X​X​X
​F  Expressive Arts​X​X​X​X
G  Foods​X​X​X​X
​H  Goat (all types)​X​X​X​X
​I  Horse (Horseless Members May Judge)​X​X​X​X

​J  Livestock-

Livestock Judging Superintendent:

Samantha Schallon,

  • All 4-H members enrolled in Beef, Sheep, or Swine projects are encouraged to participate. Members enrolled in other related animal science project areas may be considered for entry (Veterinary Science, Self-Determined Animal Science. Check with Superintendent)
  • The 4-H Livestock Judging contest will consist of a minimum of 8 classes: 2 beef, 2 sheep, 2 swine, an oral reasons class and a written reasons class. Meat goat is also a possible livestock judging class.
​K  Llama & Alpaca​X​X​X
​L  Natural Resources Judging Contest​X​X​X​X
​M  Plant Science​X​X​X​X
​N  Poultry​X​X​X​X
​O  Rabbit​X​X​X​X
​P  Small Animals / Pocket Pets​X​X​X​X


Points: Blue – 20 Red – 15 White – 5

Superintendent: Annthea Gobel 253-905-8308
(Demonstrations, Illustrated Talks, or Public Speeches)


  1. Members must give a practice Public Presentation or Demonstration before the fair in order to be eligible for County Fair. All district demonstration opportunities will be scheduled by the superintendent and/or 4-H Office and must be open to all 4-H members.
  2. Must be less than 20 minutes.
  3. All presentations for County Fair premiums and State Fair Qualification must be held during the Fair approved dates.
  4. An educational display or exhibit entered for current year’s fair for premium points cannot be used for a public presentation.
  5. Members may give more than one public presentation, but only one blue ribbon presentation may advance to state.
  6. Member must be enrolled in the project area in which the public presentation is given.
  7. The topic of the presentation given at the County Fair must be the same as that given at the District Demonstration.


  1. Cloverbud (participation only, no premium points)
  2. Juniors
  3. Intermediates
  4. Seniors


Superintent: Contact 4-H Office
(Posters, Displays & Mobiles)


  1. Exhibitor may enter up to three displays; multiple entries cannot be similar displays. Multiple entries must be in different lots, for example: equine poster, dog poster, and cat poster. OR Multiple entries in the same lot must be in separate sub-lots, for example: equine poster, equine 3-D mobile, and equine large display.
  2. Exhibitor is responsible for correct sub-lot selection.
  3. Exhibitor must be enrolled in the project area in which they wish to enter a display.
  4. Educational Displays may include photographs, samples, models, charts, etc. Do not use copyrighted illustrations or photographs.
  5. Large educational displays must be pre-entered by notifying the superintendent by the entry date with space requirements.
  6. Write current year’s date, exhibitor’s name, and club name on the back of the display.
  7. Displays will be exhibited in appropriate area or barn. Champion and Reserve Champion displays may be exhibited in the 4-H Still Life Building. Superintendents ONLY may pick up educational displays for their departments. Educational displays MUST BE JUDGED before superintendents pick them up.
  8. Displays with misinformation will not be exhibited.
  9. For helpful hints on making a display, please check the Thurston County 4-H website for 4-H Educational Display Guidelines and other resources.
  10. A public presentation display or exhibit used for current year’s fair for premium points cannot be used as an educational display.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Scorecard C0679 will be used to judge all displays.
  2. Displays should be self-explanatory. Displays may illustrate a topic of educational or 4-H promotional nature.
  3. All displays must be "visual," giving educational information containing all the elements necessary to tell the story.
  4. Illustrated posters and written material must be clear and sharp. Show details in areas where appropriate. Use correct names and correct spelling.
  5. All text and visual aids on displays should be visible from at least 10 feet away.


  1. 4-H Promotion
  2. Beef
  3. Cats
  4. Cavies
  5. Clothing & Textiles
  6. Club Exhibit
  7. Dairy Cattle
  8. Dogs
  9. Environmental Stewardship
  10. Expressive Arts
  11. Foods & Nutrition
  12. Goats
  1. Horse
  2. Llama & Alpaca
  3. Mechanical Science
  4. Plant Science
  5. Poultry
  6. Rabbits
  7. Sheep & Fleece Goats
  8. Swine
  9. Pocket Pets
  10. Other
  11. Stem

SUBLOTS - Add these numbers to lot letter above designating appropriate type
of exhibit.

  1. Posters (min. size 14”x22”)
    Points:  Blue – 10  Red – 8  White – 6
  2. Tri-fold cardboard display
    Points:  Blue – 10  Red – 8  White – 6
  3. 3-D Table Displays & Mobiles
    (approx. size 24”x36”)
    Points:  Blue – 12  Red – 10  White – 8
  4. Large Displays
    Large Displays are more than just posters and would include a group of items for display or an interactive demonstration with display items.
    Points:  Blue – 20  Red – 15  White -10


Sign up with Department Superintendents
Participation POINTS 15 (participation only, non-judged)
4-H members interact with the public while demonstrating a skill or completing an activity related to a project area. Members may repeat the activity as often as necessary complete the commitment of one hour. No additional points will be earned for longer times or multiple participation events, regardless of subject matter. Preregistration is required.

Points:  Blue – 25  Red – 20  White – 15
Superintendent: Tammy Schallon,

Members are encouraged to enter a record book in the Fair. This is a county level activity only. Record Books do not go to State Fair. ONLY the Thurston County Record Book forms will be accepted. No other Record Book formats will be judged. Read the directions completely before completing your Record Book.

To enter your Record Book in the Achievement Celebration it must be resubmitted to the Extension office by the 1st Friday in October.

  1. Exhibitors will not be allowed to handle books while on display.
  2. Record Books should be completed and assembled using the following guidelines:
  3. Record Books will be judged age appropriately by 4-H age division, not by project area(s).
  4. Exhibitmanship in the Sharp Bldg. is required of all who enter Record Books.


  1. Cloverbud (ribbon only)
  2. Junior
  3. Intermediate
  4. Senior


Points:  This is a non-premium event

Superintendents:  Chris Swearingen (360)481-3410,


  1. Round Robin - Top two showmen in beef, swine, goats, dairy, horse, llama and sheep from Intermediate & Senior levels, are encouraged to participate in the Large Animal Round Robin. Top two showmen in pygmy goat, poultry, rabbit, cat, dog, and cavy, and pocket pet project, from Intermediate & Senior level members are encouraged to participate in the Small Animal Round Robin. 

  2. If top two showman are not available, at the superintendent discretion, substitution may be made.  The top two showmen be Champion and Reserve Champion for the Senior class and Champion and Reserve Champion for the Intermediate class.  Only blue ribbon winners qualify. 

  3. Seniors and Intermediates will participate in separate classes.  Juniors are not eligible

  4. Each Superintendent will be responsible for determining the eligible showmen & animals from their department for the show.

  5. Superintendents will act as judges for the show or will choose someone from their department to judge.

  6. Round Robin participants should dress appropriately for showing all types of animals, i.e. sturdy footwear for Large Animal Round Robin and long sleeves for Small Animal Round Robin.

  7. All Round Robin exhibitors will receive Awards of Merit.  The Senior Grand Champions will receive a special award of a belt buckle or trophy.  The Intermediate Grand champions will receive special awards.

  8. Coaching during the contest will not be permitted.



  2. Animal Fair entry forms are due July 1 at the County Extension office.
  3. All exhibitors who show animals must show their own animals in both fitting and showmanship and type (obedience) to receive premiums and awards. Any exceptions must obtain the permission of the assistant manager in consultation with the department superintendent. In the case of shared project animals, the situation will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  4. 4-H member animals shown in both 4-H and Open Class must be housed in designated 4-H areas.
  5. Animal shown at Thurston County Fair must be the same for Washington State Fair Fitting and Showing.
  6. Total animals per exhibitor may be limited depending on available space.
  7. Blankets are to remain off of animals between 10am and 10pm. See your Superintendent for exceptions.
  8. 4-H members may not exhibit the same entry in FFA and/or open class except as designated in General Rules under 4-H and FFA only.
  9. Each exhibitor must allow his/her animal or animals to be used in judging contest or forfeit his/her premiums.
  10. All livestock judging participants will attend contestant’s meeting prior to contest.
  11. Market steers must be polled or dehorned. No dairy cattle animals with horns are permitted except in the Junior Heifer Calf class.
  12. Showing Horned Goats: Horned, non-dairy goats or sheep may be exhibited in 4-H showmanship and type classes where animals are not exchanged between youth in the show ring. For a horned animal to be exhibited it must have its horn tips covered. If the sheep or non-dairy goat has scurs (horn re-growth), these scurs cannot exceed 1” in length without the horn tips being covered. Non-dairy horned goats and sheep may be shown in market and breeding classes but they must have horn tips covered as a safety precaution. No horned dairy goat animals are allowed. No horned animals allowed in market sale.
  13. We encourage parents/guardians to be active participants in their child’s 4-H experience. However, the 4-H project animal is the 4-H member’s responsibility. The 4-H member is responsible for the care, handling, and fitting of the 4-H project animal. Parents/guardians and other adults should refrain from doing the 4-H project work for the child. Young and/or novice 4-H members may ask for assistance from an older 4-H member if help is needed.