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Department I - 4-H
Division AA - Veterinary Science

​Superintendent: Tammy Schallon,


  1. All displays must be visual; giving educational information containing all the elements necessary to tell the story.
  2. Illustration posters and written materials must be clear and sharp. Show details in areas where appropriate. Use correct names and spelling.
  3. Appropriate captions and titles should be visible for at least ten feet.
  4. If specimens are used, they must be properly treated, labeled, and placed securely in a covered container.
  5. No limit to entries. However all entries may not be displayed due to space constraints.
  6. Scoring base on content, originality, pertinence to animal health, and attractiveness of exhibit.
  7. Large displays must be pre-entered by notifying the 4 -H Office prior to still life entry day with space requirements.
  8. One 4-H Still Life Exhibitor Record Form must be filled out for each exhibitor and accompany the exhibits when brought to the fairgrounds. This form can be picked up at the Extension Office upon delivery of exhibit items.
  9. Exhibitmanship is required of all exhibitors


  • Simple: Blue - 10 Red - 8 White - 6
  • Complex: Blue - 20 Red - =15 White - 10



  1. Poster or Tri-fold cardboard display
  2. 3-D tabletop display or mobile
  3. Large Display (group of several items and posters)



  1. Single Page - (one job shadow experience)
  2. Notebook or Journal - (three or more job shadow experiences)