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Department I - 4-H
Division L - Rabbits

​Superintendent: Jenny Taylor 360-701-6470


  1. All exhibitors are responsible for feeding and cleaning cages of animals each day of the Fair.
  2. All entries must be permanently tattooed in the left ear prior to the Fair.
  3. All rabbits are to be shown by breed or in pet class (except meat animals). Specify variety on entry form. The same animal MAY NOT be entered in type and meat or Market Sale Class.
  4. All exhibitors and parents must sign up for Herdsmanship duty (hours to be determined by the Superintendent). Please see the Exhibitor’s guide for Herdsmanship rules
  5. Suitable water and feed containers must be presented by the exhibitor at the vet check prior to the animal being allowed to enter a cage.
  6. Only crocks (plastic or ceramic) of adequate size will be allowed. Crocks must hold two (2) cups of water. No water bottles except for wool breeds. Carry cages may NOT be left at Fair. Exhibitor is responsible for their own feed.
  7. No rabbits under 10 weeks (except fryers) will be allowed. Rabbits must also make minimum breed weights. Refer to ARBA Standard of Perfection.
  8. Angora wool is to be entered under Division O – Fleece & Fiber, Class 1, lot I – Angora Rabbit. Refer to ARBA Standard of Perfection.
  9. Animal Limit - rabbit exhibits are limited to 20 exhibits in classes 3 - 7. Cloverbuds are limited to two (2) animals. Superintendent may further limit entries based on space.
  10. The ARBA standard of Perfection will be used for all judging and entering purposes. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to insure that rabbits are entered into the correct breed, variety, and class. No changes to breed, variety, or class will be accepted after vet check.
  11. All animals will be required to go through a vet check. Animals should be in show condition. Any animal found with any external parasites or other diseases or illnesses or will not be allowed entry to the fair. The veterinarian’s decision is final.
  12. A 4-H Rabbit and Cavy certificate must be on file with the 4-H office on or before June 15 of the current 4-H year.

Points: Blue – 75 Red – 55 White – 25


  1. Cloverbud (participation only, no premium points)
  2. Junior
  3. Intermediate
  4. Senior

Points: Blue – 10 Red – 8 White – 6


  1. A Cloverbud (participation only, no premium points)
  2. B Junior
  3. C Intermediate
  4. D Senior

Points: Blue – 15 Red – 10 White – 5


  1. New Zealand
  2. Californian
  3. English Lops
  4. French Lops
  5. American Chinchilla
  6. Giant Chinchilla
  7. Standard Chinchilla
  8. Satins
  9. Palominos
  10. Checkered Giants
  11. Silver Martens
  12. Hotot
  13. Lilac
  14. Other Purebreds
  15. Flemish Giant

Points: Blue – 15 Red – 10 White – 5
(Seniors or Juniors only - no intermediate class of rabbit)


  1. Dutch
  2. Netherland Dwarf
  3. Polish
  4. Rex
  5. Tans
  6. Florida Whites
  7. English Angora
  8. French Angora
  9. Mini Lop
  10. Holland Lop
  11. Himalayan
  12. Other Purebreds
  13. Dwarf Hotot
  14. Mini Rex
  15. Jersey Wooly

Single Points: Blue – 15 Red – 10 White – 5;
Pen Points: Blue – 40 Red – 25 White – 15
Crossbreeds may be limited. Any rabbit entered in type may NOT be entered in Meat Class.


  1. Meat Pen - 3 animals of same breed and variety. Age limit not over ten (10) weeks, weight limit not over 5 lbs. each rabbit.
  2. Single Fryer - one rabbit not over 10 weeks of age, weight limit not over 5 lbs.
  3. Roaster - one rabbit must be under 6 months of age: maximum weight, 8 lbs.; minimum weight, 5 lbs.
  4. Stewers must be 6 months of age and over; minimum weight 8 lbs.

Only one Meat Pen or one Fryer may be entered in the Market Sale. Any rabbit entered in Type may not be entered in the Market Sale Class.
Market rabbits, must be one of the recognized ARBA commercial meat breeds or a crossbred of those commercial breeds. Excluding the 3 wool breeds, which are French Angora, Giant Angora, and Satin Angora.
Single Points: Blue – 15 Red – 10 White – 5
Pen Points: Blue – 40 Red – 25 White – 15


  1. Meat Pen – Three rabbits of the same breed and variety.
    Age limit: not over 10 weeks
    Weight limits: Minimum 3.5 lbs/Maximum 6 lbs
  2. Single Fryer-one rabbit
    Age limit: not over 10 weeks
    Weight limits: minimum 3.5 lbs/Maximum 6 lbs

Points: Blue –15 Red – 10 White – 5


  1. This class is for pet rabbits that do not fit in any other type class. The animals will be judged on general appearance, condition and cleanliness.

Points: Blue – 20 Red – 15 White – 10
All items must be made in the current 4-H year by the 4-H’er currently enrolled in the rabbit project.


  1. Carry Case
  2. Feeder
  3. Nest Box
  4. Hutch/Cage
  5. Pelt - pelts limited to 5 entries
  6. Tattoo Box
  7. Other

CLASS 9 - RABBIT COSTUME CONTEST (participation only, no premium points)


1. Costumes must be made by the member with a minimum of help from the parents or others; use your personal discretion for you are in competition with other members under the same rules.

2. No costumes may be adapted from dolls or other pre-made outfits. Some small accessories are acceptable, use your judgment.

3. Only one entry per exhibitor allowed.

(participation only, no premium points)


  1. The exhibitor may enter only one animal.
  2. The animal must have been born and raised by a doe owned by the exhibitor and born in the current 4-H year.
  3. Animal may be selected after regular type judging is completed.
  4. Pedigree must be presented to the Superintendent by Wednesday morning as proof animal was bred by the exhibitor.