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Department I - 4-H
Division O - Fleece and Fiber

​Co-Superintendent : Debbie Clarke (360) 789-5653
Co-Superintendent : Tamara Brathovde (253) 820-1560


  1. Two fleece per lot per exhibitor allowed. Sub-lots allowed for each different breed within the lot.
  2. Fleeces must be from the exhibitor’s project animals, must be from the current year and not represent more than one year’s growth. Only fiber/fleece from llamas may represent more that one-year’s growth. Mohair should be a six-month clip.
  3. Any fleece may be discriminated against if showing any paint or tar brand or showing excessive foreign material or discoloration.
  4. Fleece shall be tied with paper fleece twine, flesh side out, in a manner to allow handling without falling apart.
  5. Fleece should be wrapped with paper, cloth or plastic.
  6. Fleece should be brought to the Fair when you enter your animals on Tuesday prior to the Fair opening. Fleece must be labeled with exhibitor’s name, address, exhibitor’s number, breed and sex of sheep.

Points: Blue – 40 Red – 35 White – 25


  1. Down Breeds
  2. Wool Breeds
  3. Natural Colored
  4. Mohair
  5. Cashmere
  6. Llama - Sheared
  7. Llama - Brushed or picked
  8. Alpaca
  9. Angora Rabbit