Department I - 4-H
Division R - Exhibitmanship

​Contact the 4-H Office (360) 867-2157


  1. 4-H Members exhibiting in the 4-H Still Life Building will be required to complete one hour of Exhibitmanship duty. Please Note: Accommodations can be made for 4-H members/clubs that are not available to perform Exhibitmanship during the Fair. These exhibitors will be allowed to fulfill their Exhibitmanship duty during pre-fair set up or post-fair clean up. Please make arrangements with the 4-H Office as early as possible. Members may begin to sign up for an Exhibitmanship time slot during the fair when they submit still life entries.
  2. Members must dress appropriately, meet the public, keep a watchful eye on exhibits, maintain exhibits, keep exhibit areas clean and attractive, and be responsible to the building superintendent on duty.
  3. Each attendant will wear the identification tag provided.
  4. Each club will be responsible during their time periods to provide an adult to be on call to give aid to attendant as needed. Adult helper must have submitted a Parent Volunteer Background Check Form to the 4-H Office prior to July 1. It is suggested that a large club could have members involved in this activity and 4-H in action at the same time. Small clubs can work together. No more than two (2) exhibitors may be on duty at any time.
  5. The 4-H Still Life Building must have coverage from 9:45am until 10pm Wed. – Sat. and 9:45am to 7pm on Sun.