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Department I - 4-H
Still Life


  1. Not all project items are suitable fair exhibits – choose quality items to enter. At judge’s discretion, items of the same concept may be judged as a set, and items not meeting judge’s standard may receive a green participation ribbon with no premium points.
  2. Make sure all exhibits are delivered to the fairgrounds during the specified dates and times. Late exhibits will not be accepted.
  3. Write exhibitor’s 4-H age on the entry card. All exhibits will be judged to a standard of benchmark.
  4. Exhibits will be judged on the workmanship and originality with the age of the exhibitor in mind.
  5. Recommend small items be brought in plastic sandwich bags. Each exhibitor’s entries should be brought in separate containers (sacks or boxes) and not mixed with the exhibits of other members.
  6. Each exhibit item should have its 4-H entry tag attached, either with string, safety pins, or removable tape when brought to the fairgrounds. Please attach the string, pins or tape to the section of the entry tag which remains with the item (this would be the far right side), not through the claim check or the large middle section. If you need help filling out your entry cards correctly, someone will help you when you bring your items to the fairgrounds.
  7. A champion and reserve champion will be selected by the judges for the junior, intermediate and senior categories. If there are adequate entries, at the judge’s discretion, classes may be separated to allow for additional champion and reserve champion awards.