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Department II - FFA
Division F - FFA Sheep Science

​Austin Baker - Superintendent
Note: Those registered animals entered in Open Class may be reassigned pens at discretion of superintendent.



  1. Yearling ram, one - two years
  2. Ram lamb, three months – one year
  3. Ewe, two years and older
  4. Ewe, one year and under two years
  5. Ewe, lamb under one year
  6. Pair of ewe lambs with lamb(s) shown in lot E.
  7. Exhibitor’s Flock-consists of one aged or yearling ewe and one ewe lamb and one yearling or ram lamb which was shown in the above lots by the same exhibitor.
  8. Best pair-2 animals shown in lots A-E by the same exhibitor
  9. Feeder
  10. Pair of yearling ewes with ewes shown in lot D.
  11. Market lamb-non-sale animal-Champion and Reserve Champion
  12. Market lamb-sale animal-choice or select-Champion and Reserve Champion

POINTS:  BLUE - 50  RED - 40  WHITE - 30
POINTS:  BLUE - 40  RED - 30  WHITE - 20

  1. Chapter Herd One per chapter to consist of 5 sale or non-sale market lambs or five breeding sheep shown by chapter members. The five sheep must represent two or    more individual exhibitors from the same chapter.

Fitting and showing ribbons are donated by Outhouse Plumbing, Bob Crossland.
The following rosettes will be awarded at the discretion of the judge:




  1. Dapper Sheep Crew Contest

Dapper Sheep Crew Contest
Saturday, August 3, 11 am in the West Arena. No premium points

Purpose: The purpose of this contest is to provide 4-H and FFA members an opportunity to have fun and demonstrate their ability to work together in a safe and humane manner to groom and prepare a sheep for show.

Eligibility: This contest is open to all 4-H and FFA Sheep show persons. The crew will be composed of a combination of three 4-H and FFA project members: i.e., 2 4-H and 1 FFA; 2 FFA and 1 4-H.

General Rules: Each crew will be provided a sheep and all grooming equipment and supplies:

  • Sheep stand
  • 2 Hand shears (1 large, 1 small)
  • 2 Wool Cards
  • 1 Soft bristle brush
  • 1 Hard bristle brush
  • Groom rags—dry, with no grooming aids added
  • 1 Gallon of water and a Bucket—no other water is allowed
  • Hoof trimmers
  • Halter

Not Allowed:

  • Electric equipment (electric shears, blowers, etc.)
  • Commercial products (soap, hoof black/Sharpie marker, whiteners, etc.)
  • Razor blades or any items containing any type of razor blades
  • Scissors
  • Spray containers


  1. Register crew. (At time of written quiz).
  2. One crew member will complete a written quiz prior to beginning of the arena event. Resources for questions will be all be in Cooperative Extension publications: EM3125 4-H Member Manual Advanced Livestock Science; PNW 679 Judging Sheep and Oral Reasons 101; K-State publication Market Lamb Showmanship from Start to Finish.
  3. Thirty (30) minutes will be allowed for grooming the sheep.
  4. Following grooming, crew members will have 15 minutes to practice showing the sheep. All members may assist, but only one will be selected by the team to do the final showing.
  5. The second member will do final showing.
  6. The third member will judge the class and conduct oral reasons for the Judges based on the class. The class will consist of market lambs or breeding ewes (age for breeding ewes is dependent on availability).

​Basis of Judging:

  1. Grooming: 15 points possible points
    Awarded on the method the crew demonstrated to clean and prepare the sheep for show. Use tools correctly.
  2. Teamwork: 15 points possible
    Teamwork points are based on how well the crew is organized for each member to have their own task to perform, if all participate equally, and if total job is finished in the allotted time.
    • Be well organized. Each crew member should have their own tasks.
    • Space out to work.
    • Be pleasant to fellow crew members.
    • Behavior and appearance that shows pride and respect for yourself and your organizations (4-H and FFA) is expected of all exhibitors. Courteous, appropriate language and clean appropriate clothing is part of your exhibiting responsibility.
    • Do not talk with friends or parents in audience or other teams. Excessive talking outside a crew may be marked down.
  3. Safety: 10 points possible
    Points awarded for properly following the rules of safety for working around a sheep.
    • All members of the crew must wear closed toe shoes.
    • Never leave the sheep unattended on the stand.
    • Safe handling of grooming equipment (hand shears, cards, hoof trimmers, etc.)
    • Any abuse or harsh treatment of the sheep will result in disqualification of the crew.
  4. Written Questions: 20 points possible
    Resources for questions: See item 2—Procedures.
    One crew member is judged on personal appearance and ability to answer written questions. Types of written questions will be about breeds, cuts of meat, wool characteristics and health.
  5. Showmanship: 20 points possible
    One crew member is judged on personal appearance and ability to present the sheep their squad has fitted. Will be conducted as an actual showmanship class.
  6. Judging: 20 points possible
    One crew member is judged on personal appearance and their ability to present to the Judge oral reasons based on a market or breeding ewe class.

Each crew member will receive the ribbons earned by the team.