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Department II - FFA
Division L - FFA Landscape Designs

​Erika Studeman - Superintendent


POINTS:  BLUE - 150  RED - 100  WHITE - 50


A.  Landscape Exhibits

  1. Shall be constructed in space allotted by management. Landscapes will be brought in on Tuesday, prior to beginning of the Fair, and removed on Monday, the day after the closing of the Fair.
  2. All nursery stock MUST be balled or in cans.
  3. All stocks shall be free of disease and insect contamination.
  4. Commercially grown plants may be used for the landscape construction.
  5. Chapters are limited to one entry.
  6. Plastic sheeting shall be placed on grassed areas of landscape. Each chapter shall be responsible for completely cleaning the allocated space before final check out. Failure to completely clean area will result in cancellation of premiums.
  7. Landscape design shall be judged on the basis of:
    1. Educational Value
    2. Flow and blending of materials.
    3. Condition of plants and materials
    4. Appropriateness of the theme of Use of Display.
    5. Neatness and quality of construction.
  8. Plants and other materials must be identified by scientific name and common name.
  9. A planting plan, and a list of plants must be with the exhibit and be displayed in prominent location.
    Uniform Score Card:

25 pts Workmanship-How well is the landscape put together

20 pts Theme-How well does landscape follow the theme (Theme will follow current Puyallup Fair Theme)

20 pts Plant condition-Condition of the plants

20 pts Harmony-Overall aesthetic appearance

15 pts Drawing-Common, botanical names, should be in place at time of judging



B. Landscape plans
* Plan to be drawn up by individual students and displayed in Horticulture area along with Horticulture display.