Department II - FFA
General Introduction

​Michael Jeske – Superintendent

The objectives of the Thurston County FFA Exhibition are:

  • To feature and display agricultural products from our programs including livestock, mechanics, plants and displays of all kinds.
  • To help in the training of youth through educational contests, displays and demonstrations.
  • To promote the welfare of farm people and rural living.
  • To promote wholesome, worthwhile educational, and entertainment activities for the interest of all people.
  • To institute and carry out both short and long range planning.
  • To present, for public viewing, a well-balanced and wide variety of exhibits and displays.
  • To feature the rich heritage of our state, as well as the features of the present, and anticipated changes for future ways of living.
  • To conform with rules and regulations as set forth in the Washington State Agricultural Fairs Laws.



​8:30am-3pm​Early entrance and Vet check for 4-H
.....Hicks Lake Barn, Swine Barn, Willuweit Pavilion and Simons Barn
​3pm-5pm​VET CHECK not available. No animals will be allowed to enter the fair at this time.
​5pm-8pm​Later entrance and Vet check for 4-H
.....Hicks Lake Barn, Swine Barn, Willuweit Pavilion and Simons Barn

Large Animals only New Policy. Exhibitors with more than one species will have priority parking in the lower parking lot on Sunday morning for haul out. The Exhibitors will be given a tag/number prior to haul out. Exhibitors will be able to pick up their species in the barns order. (Pig Barn, Sheep-Goat, Llama and then on to Beef Barn in that order). If you need one species from another barn before the first barn order then you will have to pick up the species you want in first and then loop around and get back in line to pick up the next species. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO WALK THEIR ANIMALS ACROSS FROM ONE DEFINED AREA TO ANOTHER. No Horse will be allowed to walk up the hill to another barn to be loaded. This requirement protects animals from cross contamination and ALL exhibitors are expected to comply.

  2. Entries forms must be submitted to the Fair Office by June 30.
  3. Each division superintendent shall have the power to allocate space with approval of Fair Board.
  4. All male livestock must be registered or eligible for registration.
  5. Projects may be exhibited in the name of the chapter when projects are the result of the instructional program.
  6. Members must own on/or before June 1, the livestock they show, except market animals.
  7. All entries must be shown by the owner, unless chapter owned.
  8. Members must do herdsmanship. Chapters are responsible for the appearance of the barn and other assigned areas.
  9. Exhibitors must be accompanied by their advisor, who will supervise students and assist with activities as assigned.
  10. Official FFA Stall Cards and exhibit cards must be used.
  11. Paid-up Thurston County FFA members may exhibit. Out of county FFA members may exhibit if space is available.
  12. All Exhibitors will show in official FFA dress for showmanship, except Dairy may wear whites with their FFA jacket.
  13. Educational material is required for all exhibits.
  14. Entry limits are: Dairy, Beef, and Swine, two per lot, ten head per exhibitor.
  15. Round Robin Fitting and Showing open to Grand Champion designated winners in all FFA fitting and showing classes. Eligible until out of high school one year.
  16. Rules of Conduct:
    1. FFA members must follow and are under the rules of the local school district, and during the FFA Exhibition must follow special rules pertaining to the Exhibition.
    2. FFA members must follow the FFA Code of Ethics as adopted in the 1952 National FFA Convention found in the Official FFA Manual.
    3. Disciplinary Action: Students out of compliance with the rules of the Exhibition will be first dealt with by the advisor. If this action does not remedy the situation, then the responsible supervisory person shall deal with the issue. A state staff person shall deal with any difficulty beyond this point.
  17. Chapter limited to one chapter herd per series.
  18. Exhibitor MUST fit and show to receive premiums and enter Market Sale animal.
  19. All membership dues will be paid by March 1st, exceptions will be made by the superintendent and an appointed committee.
  20. No article or animal may be judged for more than one premium. Exceptions: fitting and showing, fashion revue, or similar type activity. (See 4H rule #7)