Department III - Open Class
Division III "Educational"
‚Äč"Extraordinary Moments in Agricultural History"

Education Entry Chairman/Consultant:
Suzann Stahl, 360-791-7422,

  1. Education exhibits may be the work of more than one individual or organization unless a Student Judge, or an Accredited Judge i seeking exhibiting credit for preparing an education exhibit.
  2. An exhibit must occupy a minimum of 18 square feet surface area.
  3. Including plant material is preferred and must be listed on the entry card or a separate index card.
Open to Black Hills District Garden Club members only. Contact the Division III Consultant for details. Advance registration is required for each exhibit by July 10, 2022.

Eligible for the NGC Educational Top Exhibitor Award and Carol Klingberg Educational Award.
  1.  Exhibit 1: "Inventions" 
  2.  Exhibit 2: "Discoveries"
  3.  Exhibit 3: "People"
  4.  Exhibit 4:  "Transportation"