Department III - Open Class
Division IV - Youth Exhibits

​"America's Future"  
Youth Entry Chairman/Consultant-all Youth Sections
Peggy Blegen 360-754-8344


Eligible for a Youth Achievement Award and the National Garden Club, Inc. Youth Top Exhibitor Award.

General requirements:
Exhibits are entered on Monday, July 25th between 4-7 p.m. at the Thurston Expo Center. All entries in Section(s) B should be registered with the Youth Entry Chairman/Consultant no later than Sunday, July 10th.
No pre-registration is needed for horticulture entries.

General Rules:

  1. Youth Exhibits are grouped as follows:
    • Junior - Preschool through age seven
    • Intermediate - Ages eight through twelve.
    • (ADV) High School – Ages 13 through 18.
  2. All National Garden Club policies and rules apply.
  3. All Horticulture entries must be grown by the exhibitor, although plants can be part of a family garden or yard.
  4. Entry cards for Section A will be filled out by exhibitor in advance.  They are available in the Fair office and from Black Hills District Presidents.  A list is available at
  5. Section B, No artificial plant material allowed.  Plant material must be listed on a 3x5" white card.  Entry cards for Section B will be done by the Youth Entry Chairman/Consultant.

Section "A"Horticulture - "Johnny Appleseed"
Open to all youth age groups


  1. "Little Sprouts"

Staged by the show committee in age groups on an 8' table  

Notes: a. & b. – Bring your horticulture entry in water in a clear beverage bottle of appropriate size with label removed. Leaves should be removed from the stem that is in the water.

  1. Flowering annuals (annual plants complete their life cycle within one growing season, typically, from spring to fall)
  2. Flowering perennials (plants that persist for many growing seasons; generally, the top portion of the plant dies back each winter and regrows the following spring)
  3. Garden Produce; Show committee will provide foam plates to display exhibits
  4. Container grown plant material - container not to exceed 8" in diameter

Section "B" Design - "4th of July"
Note: Floral design is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition.

Open to all youth age groups   
Limited to 4 entries for each age group


  1. "Fireworks" A creative design not to exceed a 12" x 12" space staged by the Show Committee by age group on an 8' table.  Accessories allowed.