Department III - Open Class
Division L - Home Arts Beverages

​For more information call the Fair Office 360-786-5453.

  1. Sunday July 17, 1-5pm
  2. Monday July 18 1-7pm
  5. Wine must be In minimum one (1) standard wine or champagne bottles, 4/5ths in size and fitted with a cork. Sparkling wine corks must be wired on or (the bottle) capped. ONE BOTTLE PER ENTRY.
  6. Beer, mead or cider must be in minimum two (2) 11-12 oz. bottles of brown glass, with a metal cap per entry. Kolsch-style (ceramic top) bottles WILL NOT be accepted.
  7. Exhibitors are responsible for entering their exhibits in the correct class and lot. Assistance will be provided at the time of entry or call the phone number above for help.
  8. Entries will be judged on its own merits. Judging points will be based on bouquet, aroma, appearance, flavor, body, drinkability, finish and overall Impression.
  9. Entries are to be picked up Monday, August 1 from 1pm - 7pm.

Go to for beer style guideline information as well as a recipe form for beers.




​Standard American Beer​1A. American Light Lager
1B. American Lager
​1C. Cream Ale​1D. American Wheat Beer
​International Lager​2A. International Pale Lager​2B. International Amber Lager2C. International Dark Lager​
​Czech Lager​3A. Czech Pale Lager
3B. Czech Premium Pale Lager
​3C. Czech Amber Lager3D. Czech Dark Lager​
​Pale Malty European Lager​4A. Munich Helles​4B. Festbier​4C. Helles Bock
​Pale Bitter European Beer​5A. German Leichbier​5B. Kolsch​5C. German Helles Exportbier
5D. German Pils
​Amber Malty European Lager​6A. Marzen6B. Rauchbier​6C. Dunkles Bock​
​Amber Bitter European Beer​7A. Vienna Lager​7B. Altbier7C. Kellerbier: Pale Kellerbier
7D. Kellerbier: Amber Kellerbier​
​Dark European Lager​8A. Munich Dunkel8B. Schwarzbier​
​Strong European Beer​9A. Doppelbock9B. Eisbock​9C. Baltic Porter​
​German Wheat Beer​10A. Weissbier10B. Dunkles Weissbier​10C. Weizenbock​
​British Bitter​11A. Ordinary Bitter11B. Best Bitter​11C. Strong Bitter​
​Pale Commonwealth Beer​12A. British Golden Ale12B. Australian Sparkling Ale​12C. English IPA​
​Brown British Beer​13A. Dark Mild13B. British Brown Ale​13C. English Porter​
​Scottish Ale​14A. Scottish Light14B. Scottish Heavy​14C. Scottish Export​
​Irish Beer​15A. Irish Red Ale15B. Irish Stout​15C. Irish Extra Stout​
​Dark British Beer​16A. Sweet Stout16B. Oatmeal Stout​16C. Tropical Stout
16D. Foreign Extra Stout​
​Strong British Ale​17A. British Strong Ale17B. Old Ale​17C. Wee Heavy
17D. English Barleywine​
​Pale American Ale​18A. Blonde Ale18B. American Pale Ale​
​Amber and Brown American Beer​19A. American Amber Ale19B. California Common​​19C. American Brown Ale
​American Porter and Stout​20A. American Porter20B. American Stout​20C. Imperial Stout​
​IPA​21A. American IPA​21B. Spcialty IPA: Belgian IPA
21C: Specialty IPA: Black IPA
21D. Spcialty IPA: Brown IPA
​21E. Spcialty IPA: Red IPA
21F. Spcialty IPA: Rye IPA
21G. Spcialty IPA: White IPA
​Strong American Ale​22A. Double IPA22B. American Strong Ale
22C. American Barleywine​
22D. Wheatwine​
​European Sour Ale​23A. Berliner Weisse
23B. Flanders Red Ale
23C. Oud Bruin
23D. Lambic​
23E. Gueuze
23F. Fruit Lambic​
​Belgian Ale​24A. Witbier24B. Belgian Pale Ale​24C. Biere de Garde​
​Strong Belgian Ale​25A. Belgian Blond Ale25B. Saison​25C. Belgian Golden Strong Ale​
​Trappist Ale​26A. Trappist Single26B. Belgian Dubbel
26C. Belgian Tripel​
26D. Belgian Dark Strong Ale​
​Historical Beer ​27A. Historical Beer: Gose
27B. Historical Beer: Kentucky Common
27C. Historical Beer: Lichtenhainer
​27D. Historical Beer: London Brown Ale
27E. Historical Beer: Piwo Grodziskie
27F. Historical Beer: Pre-Prohibition Lager
27G. Historical Beer: Pre-Prohibition Porter
27H. Historical Beer: Roggenbier
27I. Historical Beer: Sahti
​American Wild Ale​28A. Brett Beer28B. Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer​28C. Wild Specialty Beer​
​Fruit Beer​29A. Fruit Beer​29B. Fruit and Spice Beer29C. Specialty Fruit Beer​
​Spiced Beer​30A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable30B. Autumn Seasonal Beer​30C. Winter Seasonal Beer​
​Alternative Fermentables Beer​31A. Alternative Grain Beer31B. Alternative Sugar Beer​
​Smoked Beer​32A. Classic Style Smoked Beer32B. Specialty Smoked Beer​
​Wood Beer​33A. Wood-Aged Beer33B. Spcialty Wood-Aged Beer​
​Specialty Beer​34A. Clone Beer34B. Mixed-Style Beer​34C. Experimental Beer​
​Argentine Styles​X1. Dorada PampeanaX2. IPA Argenta​
​Italian Styles​X3. Italian Grape Ale



​Traditional MeadM​1A. Dry MeadM​1B. Semi-Sweet Mead​M1C. Sweet Mead
Fruit MeadM​2A. Cyser
M2B. Pyment
​M2C. Berry Mead
M2D. Stone Fruit Mead
M2E. Melomel​
Spiced Mead​M3A. Fruit and Spice MeadM​3B. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead
Specialty Mead​M4A. BraggotM4B. Historical Mead​​M4C. Experimental Mead




​Standard Cider and PerryC​1A. New World Cider
C1B. English Cider
C​1C. French Cider​C1D. New World Perry
C1E. Traditional Perry
Specialty Cider and PerryC​2A. New England Cider
C2B. Cider with Other Fruit
​C2C. Applewine
C2D. Ice Cider
C2E. Cider with Herbs/Spices
C2F. Specialty Cider/Perry​




​W1. Grape: Red, White, Blush​W2. Fruit or VegetableW3. Other