Department III - Open Class
Division R - Open Class Sheep

Superintendent: Jason Harold
Entry Fee: $2.50 per head
Entry Deadline: July 1
Judging: Wednesday, 2pm
Release Time: Thursday, 7pm


  2. Pens will be reserved and exhibitors must accept pen space assigned by the superintendent.
  3. Entries and fees will be returned when pen space is filled. Consideration will be given to entries received as to the time and date received.
  4. All animals must be registered. Registration papers are needed for proof of registration and ownership. Failure of an exhibitor to furnish sufficient evidence will disqualify any animal held in doubt. Paper check-in time will be held prior to show.
  5. All sheep must be wearing the ear tag or tattoo corresponding to the number on entry form and registration papers.
  6. Animals must show appropriate lamb or yearling teeth. If there is any doubt of the animal’s age, the Judge will decide age by examining the teeth of that animal.
  7. Exhibitors will be limited to two entries in single lots and one entry in group lots. Animals in group classes must have been shown in individual classes.
  8. All sheep should be clean and well fitted. Animals should be fit in accordance with individual sheep registry association rules.
  9. All flocks exhibited in open class must be identified by a sign or other appropriate means throughout the duration of the fair. Sign should include Exhibitor’s name, address and breed of animal.
  10. Any change in entries must be made with the superintendent before day of showing. Substitutions may be made only within the same breed class.
  11. Birth dates for following Breeds are as follows:
    • Columbias, Corriedales, Dorsets, Hampshires, Rambouillets, Shropshires, and Suffolks:
      • Fall Lamb: Sept. 1 to Dec. 31
      • Spring Lamb: Jan. 1 to Aug. 31
    • Cheviots, Leicesters, Lincolns, Natural Color, Romney, Southdowns, and other breeds:
      • Fall Lamb: Sept. 1 to Jan. 31
      • Spring Lamb: Feb. 1 to Aug. 31

​CLASS 1 - Border Cheviot
CLASS 2 - Border Leicester
CLASS 3 - Columbia
CLASS 4 - Corriedale
CLASS 5 - Dorset
CLASS 6 - Hampshire
CLASS 7 - Jacob
CLASS 8 - Katahdin
CLASS 9 - Lincoln - White
CLASS 10 - Montadale
CLASS 11 - North Country Cheviot
CLASS 12 - Oxford
CLASS 13 - Romney - White
CLASS 14 - Scottish Blackface
CLASS 15 - Shetland
CLASS 16 - Shropshire
CLASS 17 - Southdown
CLASS 18 - Suffolk
CLASS 19 - Natural colored
CLASS 20 - Natural colored Lincoln
CLASS 21 - Natural colored Romney
CLASS 22 - Other down breed
CLASS 23 - Other wool breed
CLASS 24 - Angora goat
CLASS 25 - Cashmere goat

​​PREMIUM POINTS​105​90​75​65​50

LOT (For Classes 1-23)

  1. Yearling ram: one year and under two years
  2. Fall ram lamb: see date of birth under Rule 11
  3. Spring lamb ram: same under Rule 11
  4. Pair of ram lambs: under one year. Bred and owned by exhibitor.


LOT (For Classes 1-23)

  1. Yearling ewe: one year and under two
  2. Pair of yearling ewes: one year and under two years. Bred and owned by exhibitor.
  3. Fall ewe lamb: see Rule 11 for date of birth
  4. Spring ewe lamb: birth date Rule 11 guidelines
  5. Pair of ewe lambs: under 1 year. Bred and owned by exhibitor.


LOT (For Classes 1-23)

  1. Young flock: 1 ram lamb and 2 ewe lambs, "bred and owned by exhibitor".
  2. Flock: one ram (yearling or lamb) and two yearling ewes and two ewe lambs, "bred and owned by exhibitor".
  3. Get of Sire: fout animals, lamb or yearling, both sexes represented, all by same sire.
  4. Best Pair: two animals bred and owned by exhibitor " both sexes must be represented".

LOT (For Classes 24-25)

  1. Does under one year and of age
  2. Does one-two years of age
  3. Does over two years of age