Department III - Open Class
Division T - Lads and Lassies Lead Contest

Superintendent: Jason Harold

The Thurston County Fair Guidelines for the Lead Class show are as outlined:

  1. Entrants will be divided into three classes as outlined below.
  2. Sheep must be conditioned, fitted and trained to show on a halter.
  3. Participants need not own the sheep they are showing.
  4. Contestants must wear a garment made of no less than 70% wool.
  5. Entries shall include a description of the garment to be worn, the background of the contestant and the breed of the sheep shown (max. of 200 words please). This commentary will be read aloud during the contestant’s promenade in the ring.
  6. Entrants will be judged as follows:
    1. Garment 40%
    2. Handling and appearance of sheep 30%
    3. Exhibitor’s over-all image 30%
  7. Entries are due by Wednesday at 10am. Contest to be held on Wednesday. Check schedule of events for time.
  8. All exhibitors are encouraged to participate in the Lads and Lassies Lead Contest, including non-sheep exhibitors.
  9. No entry fee.
PREMIUM POINTS ​10590​7565​50


CLASS 1 - AGES 12 and under
CLASS 2 - AGES 13-17