Department III - Open Class
Division V - "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land"

Division Consultant:  Gail Gibbard 503-515-5155


Eligible for NGC Botanical Arts Awards in Horticulture, Design, & Artistic Crafts

Eligible for Recycling Award

General requirements

  1. All exhibits must contain some plant material. No artificial plant material permitted.
  2. Horticulture in this Division, except container grown miniature gardens, must be owned by the exhibitor for 6 months. Container grown miniature gardens, must be owned by the exhibitor for at least 6 weeks.
  3. Plant material must be listed on entry card or separate index card.
  4. Limit of 4 entries per class.  Advance registration is required.  Contact the Section Consultant.


BOTANICAL ARTS: Botanical Arts is a division in a standard flower show or specialty show that allows for additional types of Horticulture, Design and other art like exhibits, which are not included in the regular Horticulture and Design Divisions. The Botanical Arts Division provides for additional opportunities for exhibiting and creativity. 

COLLAGE: An abstract design created on a background/panel with a dominance of components attached in a non-realistic arrangement.

MINIATURE LANDSCAPE: Emphasis not necessarily on plant material but some live plant materials must be included.

PLAQUE: A design organized in a naturalistic manner composed of plant material and other optional components attached to a background panel(s) serving as a frame of reference.

POT ET FLEUR: Design with emphasis on a combination of two (2) or more flowering and / or foliage plants with roots growing in soil or other medium.  Fresh cut flowers must be included.

Section "A" Botanical Arts Horticulture "Islands"

Section Consultant: Diane Couraud  360-459-9555


  1. "New York Islands" -  Tall Branches 30" - 60"  Need not be in bloom.  Exhibitor will provide a clear container appropriate to the size of the exhibit.  Show committee will stage according to exhibit size. The use of clear glass floral pebbles is acceptable for stabilization. 
  2. "Hawaiian Islands" staged on an area 12"x12" on an 8' table.
    1. Air dried only
    2. Pressed
    3. Glycerinated
    4. Other dried (such as skeletonized) 
  3. "San Juan Islands" - Miniature Landscape staged on an area 24"x30" on an 8' table.  All types of accessories permitted. Must be owned by the exhibitor for 6 weeks prior to the date of the show. Exhibit must be carried and placed by exhibitor.

Section "B" Botanical Arts Design "Memorials" 

Section Consultant: Teri Davidson  360-236-7244
Eligible for Botanical Arts Design Award, NGC Award of Design Excellence, WSFGC Ellen Swenson Design Award and WSFGC Carolyn Erickson Award.


  1. "Washington Memorial" -  A Collage no larger than 12" x 12" displayed on a vertical grid provided by the show committee.
  2. "Mount Rushmore" A Plaque no larger than 12" x 12" displayed on a vertical grid provided by the show committee.
  3. "Lincoln Memorial" Pot et Fleur displayed on 24" x 30" of an 8' table

Section "C" Botanical Arts Crafts  "Great Americans"

Section Consultant: Dee Murdaugh 360-704-0623

Note: Exhibit must contain some fresh and/or dried material. Only dried material may be treated. Eligible for the Artistic Crafts Award and the Joann Goldman Artistic Craft Award.


  1. "Abraham Lincoln" - A decorated top hat provided by the show committee staged in a 12" x 12" spaced on a Styrofoam head provided by the show committee.
  2. "Crazy Horse" - A 6" dream catcher hung on a silver banana hook, 12" high, 10" hook to table, provided by the show committee.
  3. "Rosie the Riveter" - A decorated lunch box, not to exceed 12" x 12 staged on an 8' table.