Department III - Open Class
Division W - Youth Market Animal Sale

  1. SALE MANAGER:  Committee President,

    SIFTING COMMITTEE:  Members of the Sale Committee

    WEIGHMASTERS & SALE COORDINATORS:  Members of the Sale Committee

    AUCTIONEERS:  To Be Announced

    SPONSORS: Market Sale Committee, community agricultural youth organizations


    To provide an outlet for youth to exhibit and sell quality market livestock (steers, hogs, lambs, meat goats, and market rabbits) which have reached marketable weight and grade.  Sellers and the bidders and/or buyers are reminded that the price paid to the seller on their animal may not, in fact, reflect a true market price at the time of the sale.  It is the desire of the sponsors that the buyer of the animals featured in this sale will bid sufficiently to cover the individual exhibitor's additional expenses incurred.  Any animal sold in the auction is suitable for process at the time of the sale.



    1. Each exhibitor must be enrolled in 4-H or be a member of an FFA Chapter and be actively caring for the animal(s) exhibited as a 4-H project or an FFA farming project. 4-H and FFA members must be enrolled as a member of Thurston County 4-H or a Thurston County FFA Chapter. Each 4-H and FFA member must follow the rules and regulations of their respective organization and the Thurston County Fair. If any disciplinary action is taken of an exhibitor during the fair, the committee reserves the right to review all actions and may result in not being allowed to sell.
    2. This notice of Intent to Sell/Memorandum of Understanding shall be completed to be eligible for the sale and be postmarked by April 30, 2022 for steers and June 1, 2022 for sheep, hogs, meat goats & meat rabbits. Intent must be mailed to Market Animal Sale Committee, PO BOX 695 East Olympia, WA. 98540 or emailed to  Copies of this Memorandum of Understanding & Intent to Sell form are available on the TCYMAS website at
    3. The market sale sifting committee shall inspect all animals entered in the division between 6:00pm and 9:00pm on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 during weigh-in.  If the animal does not meet weight limits, the exhibit will be eliminated from the auction. However, exhibitor may change his/her entry and show it in the appropriate division, class & lot, not associated with the market animal sale.  Exhibitor must be present for inspection and weigh-in.  NO PROXIES ALLOWED WITHOUT PRIOR SALE COMMITTEE APPROVAL.
    4. No steers having horns longer than 2 inches will be permitted.
    5. All market goats will be dehorned. Any scurs will be under two inches.
    6. Market hogs may be gilts or barrows; market lambs may be wethers or ewes; meat goats may be wethers or does; rabbits may be bucks or does.
    7. Market lambs must have no more than ¾ of an inch of fleece.
    8. Market rabbits: exhibitors must own the doe on or before date of kindle.
    9. Market rabbits must be one of the recognized ARBA commercial meat breeds or a cross of those commercial breeds.
    10. No animal previously sold at any youth sale shall be allowed to be resold at the Thurston County Youth Market Animal Sale.
    11. If you choose to participate in the Thurston County Youth Animal Market Sale you may not cross enter that project animal into any neighboring county fair market animal sales for the current year (the Northwest Junior Livestock Show, Puget Sound Livestock Show and Washington Junior Lamb Carcass Show are not county fairs.)
    12. All sheep and goats entered into the Thurston County Youth Market Animal Sale shall be identified as per the USDA-APHIS Scrapie Mandatory Identification Program for sheep and goats.

    1. Each exhibitor may consign up to two (2) separate units, but not two units of the same species.  A unit is considered to be: a single steer, a single market hog, a single market lamb, a single meat goat, a single market rabbit fryer or a single market rabbit pen of three (3) fryers.
    2. Exhibitors may not withdraw their exhibits from the show or auction after weigh-in on the day before the fair.
    3. Market animals must not be in any type of partnership.  If this rule is violated, future entries into the sale may be limited.
    4. Exhibitors and/or others may not buy animals for specific return of animals to the seller to be shown at other shows and/or market sales by any exhibitor.
    6. No animal will be weighed without a completed Market Health Record.
    7. Sellers of market steers at the final weigh-in must complete and hand in a hauling slip and bill of sale if the animal is branded.
    8. Cost worksheets will be required to be posted for every animal by noon on Thursday of fair week.


Animals should be tagged, branded, or tattooed prior to arriving at the fairgrounds.  Tags will be available prior to the sale.  Rabbit tattoo numbers will be entered onto Intent to Sell form before weigh-in. 


  1. The official judge while judging for type may exclude the exhibit from the sale if the animal fails to meet the minimum grade as established.
  2. All project animals found eligible for the sale will be weighed for sale weight on Tuesday during weigh-in.  Sellers must be present to bring their animals into the auction ring or they will not be sold.  NO PROXIES ALLOWED WITHOUT PRIOR SALE COMMITTEE APPROVAL.
  3. If a weight is contested on any animal, the animal must stay within the scale area and be re-weighed immediately.
  4. All project animals will be sold by the pound.
  5. All sales are final.
  6. Sale order will be determined by sale committee and the judge.
  7. USDA requirements for withdrawal of feed additives and medications shall be followed.  If the animal is condemned during processing for violation of these USDA requirements, it is the seller's responsibility to absorb the loss.

  1. Proceeds of the sale will be distributed to sellers/exhibitors or their assignors after payments have been received from all buyers.  No payment will be made to the seller/exhibitor until the treasurer has collected all proceeds of the sale.
  2. A 5% commission will be deducted from all revenues (including sales and add-ons) to cover the cost of facilitating the sale.

  1. Each exhibitor will complete one Intent to Sell forms for each animal unit they intend to exhibit and sell.  The animal must be identified in some manner. 
  2. Each exhibitor and seller assumes the responsibility for securing at least three potential buyers for each animal to be sold.
  3. Sellers of market steers must provide buyers with a rope halter, which may or may not be returned to exhibitor.  This halter must be left on steer in the barn.
  4. All exhibitors are required to care for market animals until the animal leaves the fairgrounds or until the livestock release time.


    It is required that the buyers of animals and monetary supporters of the sale will pay cash, check or credit card following the sale or make arrangements with the Treasurer.

  1. If the weight of an animal is contested it must stay in the immediate vicinity of the scale to be re-weighed.
  • MARKET STEERS:  1000 pound minimum.  Must grade either select or choice to qualify for the sale. Desirable age of steers should be less than 24 months of age.  Only steers awarded a blue or red ribbon in their type class will be allowed to sell.
  • MARKET LAMBS:  90 pound minimum to 160 pound maximum.  Must grade either select or choice to qualify for the sale and not have over ¾ of an inch of fleece.   Only lambs awarded a blue or red ribbon in their type class will be allowed to sell.
  • MARKET HOGS:  220 pound minimum to 300 maximum.  Must grade either USDA #1 or USDA #2 to qualify for the sale.  Only hogs awarded a blue or red ribbon in their type class will be allowed to sell. 
  • MEAT GOATS: 60 pound minimum.  Goats must be a Boer or meat breed cross, be less than a year old, and cannot have lost their first milk teeth at time of weigh-in.  Goats will be graded on weight, muscle tone, and overall condition.  Only goats awarded a blue ribbon in their type class will be allowed to sell.
  • MARKET RABBITS: Single fryers must be under 70 days of age and be 3.5 pounds minimum to 6 pounds maximum.  Fryer pens will consist of 3 rabbits under 70 days of age and each weighing 3.5 pounds minimum to 6 pounds maximum.  Only fryers and fryer pens awarded a blue ribbon in their type class will be allowed to sell.


    Questions or concerns regarding this Memorandum of Understanding can be addressed to the Thurston County Youth Market Animal Sale Committee at PO Box 695 East Olympia, WA 98540 or