Department III - Open Class

‚ÄčLarge Animals only New Policy. Exhibitors with more than one species will have priority parking in the lower parking lot on Sunday morning for haul out. The Exhibitors will be given a tag/number prior to haul out. Exhibitors will be able to pick up their species in the barns order. (Pig Barn, Sheep-Goat, Llama and then on to Beef Barn in that order). If you need one species from another barn before the first barn order then you will have to pick up the species you want in first and then loop around and get back in line to pick up the next species. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO WALK THEIR ANIMALS ACROSS FROM ONE DEFINED AREA TO ANOTHER. No Horse will be allowed to walk up the hill to another barn to be loaded. This requirement protects animals from cross contamination and ALL exhibitors are expected to comply.