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Department I - 4-H
Division U - Expressive Arts

​Co-Superintendent : Elaine Dunn, (360) 584-6364
Co-Superintendent: Bob Dunn

See Tips For A Successful 4-H Still Life Exhibit

Points: Blue – 12 Red – 8 White – 4


  1. Exhibit item must have been made during the current 4-H year.
  2. No graded school projects may be entered.
  3. Each exhibit item entered must be accompanied by a 3" X 5" card that explains what the item is, how it was made, where it is to be used, and any special techniques used. Indicate if the item was a kit or your own original idea. If you received adult assistance, state what the assistance involved. If the required 3" X 5" card is missing or incomplete, at the judge’s option, the exhibit will be dropped no more than one ribbon placing.
  4. One 4-H Still Life Exhibitor Record Form must be filled out for each exhibitor and accompany the exhibits when brought to the fairgrounds. This form can be picked up at the Extension Office upon delivery of exhibit items.
  5. Each fine arts item, or any other item intended to be displayed by hanging, must have a hanging device securely attached. If a hanging device is missing or inadequate, the exhibit may be reduced no more than one ribbon placing; and will not be displayed. If an item is finished to stand, it must be noted on the entry tag.
  6. Special awards may be awarded by age division for originality, best 3" X 5" cards, and 4-Her with the most points earned.
  7. All exhibits in Division U must be non-machine sewn artwork.
  8. Exhibitmanship in the 4-H Still Life Bldg. is required of all exhibitors.

LIMITATION ON CLASS 1 ENTRIES: No more than three (3) items per lot.


  1. Nature craft (cones, seeds, rocks, etc.)
  2. Leather craft
  3. Jewelry and hair accessories
  4. Stenciling
  5. Dolls and doll accessories
  6. Mosaics
  7. Non-sewn embellished clothing items (tie-dye, painted t-shirt, etc.)
  8. Toys and games
  9. Mobiles
  10. Soap making
  11. Wax craft
  12. Wood craft
  13. Holiday items
  14. Fair theme items
  15. Items made of recycled materials
  16. Decorated Foods
  17. Metal craft
  18. Glass craft
  19. Any other
  20. Group Entry


*Items must be framed and/or matted and ready to hang. Exceptions will be made for sketchbooks or portfolios. NO LOOSE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


  1. Drawings dry media (pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel, crayon, cratch board)
  2. Drawings wet media (pen and ink, watercolor pencil)
  3. Paintings on paper (watercolor, acrylic wash, tempera)
  4. Paintings on canvas or Masonite (acrylic, oil)
  5. Printmaking
  6. Pottery and Painted ceramics
  7. Sculpture
  8. Mixed media
  9. Collage
  10. Sketchbook or portfolio
  11. Calligraphy
  12. Illustrated story or poem
  13. Cartoon or comic book illustration
  14. Any other



  1. Scrap book
  2. Individual scrap book pages
  3. Quilling
  4. Rubber stamping
  5. Greeting cards
  6. Handmade paper
  7. Origami
  8. Another