Department III - Open Class
Division II - Floral Design-Diseno Floral

​" Traveling in Argentina- Viajar en Agentina"

Design Entry Chairman/Consultant:
Ellen Daly, 360-485-5253,


Eligible for Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs Past President Awards; Carolyn Erickson All Fresh Design Award and Ellen Swenson Flower Arrangement Award, Phyllis Danielson Table Setting Award, and Judith Juno Petite Design Award. Also eligible for the Brynn Tavasci Recycling Award, Designers Choice Award, Tri- Color and Table Artistry Award.


A NEW design Section has been added to the schedule to encourage novice designers from the community ….Section D "Fiesta". Pre-Registration is required as with other design entries. Contact the Section consultant listed below. (See Special Rules #1)
District garden club members are eligible for NATIONAL GARDEN CLUB Top Exhibitor Awards.
Bring your design entry on Tuesday, July 30th between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. to the Thurston Expo Center to be entered in the show.
Your container should be removed on Sunday August 4th after the fair closes, between 8-9 p.m. or Monday, August 5th between 9 - 11 a.m.


  1. Entries in this Division, Sections "A" through "E", must be pre-registered by Sunday, July 29, by calling the Consultant listed with each section.
  2. If after committing to an entry, a designer is unable to enter the class, it is the designer’s responsibility to find a replacement and notify the Consultant.
  3. Each design must have been created and placed by one exhibitor.
  4. Only one entry per exhibitor is allowed in any Class.
  5. A minimum of four (4) exhibits is required in each class.
  6. Absolutely NO artificial flowers, fruit or foliage permitted.
  7. FRESH plant material may not be treated in any manner, including dye or paint. Take care with commercially available flowers – some are dyed.
  8. Adult Design width is limited to approximately 24" of table space unless otherwise stated.
  9. Landscapes and/or scenes are not accepted in this Division.
  10. Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their exhibits in good condition for the duration of the Fair.
  11. Featured objects, accessories, container-grown plants growing in soil (where appropriate) and living plants with roots attached are permitted in all classes. Special effects are allowed where power is available.
  12. Living members of the Animal Kingdom are not permitted.
  13. Flags and religious symbols, if used, must be used properly.
  14. FRESH plant material is to be emphasized in this show.
  15. Plant materials used in this division do not need to have been grown by the exhibitor and may be commercially grown.
  16. Cut fruits or vegetables are permitted if sealed unobtrusively to discourage insects, odors and discoloration.
  17. Youth will enter their designs in Division IV, Section B. Class 15.
  18. Staging panels


ABSTRACT DESIGN: Designs in which there is a dominance of components chosen for their non-naturalistic character and/or organized in a non-realistic, non-naturalistic manner.
ACCESSORY: A subordinate object other than plant material used in a design e.g. a figurine, rock, etc.
CREATIVE DESIGN: Designs that result from the creative ideas of the artist, using plant material and other components to organize the design elements within the limits of the principles of design. This type includes Abstract.
CREATIVE LINE DESIGN: A Creative design in which line direction is dominant, characterized by open silhouette, a minimum of plant material and other components. Dominant feature is the movement in any direction, either vertically, horizontally, diagonally, etc.
DECORATIVE UNIT: In a Table Class, floral designs with or without other components such as candles or other accessories if any.
DESIGNERS CHOICE: Designers choice of plant material.
EXHIBITION TABLE SETTING: Components relating to the service of food artistically arranged without consideration of functional placement. It may not include a completed decorative unit, but must include some plant material placed artistically.
FUNCTIONAL TABLE SETTING DESIGN: Planned and set for actual service of food; table could function for dining as displayed. Must have a completed decorative unit.
MASS DESIGN: A large quantity of plant material in closed silhouette, fully developed focal area, yet defined linear pattern.
MULTI-RHYTHMIC DESIGN: Multi-rhythmic designs include lines of plant materials that flow in two or more directions..
Designs in this Division are eligible for NGC Top Exhibitor Awards, WSFGC Past President’s Awards and Local Thurston County Fair Top Awards.


Section "A" - "On the Dance Floor- En la pista de baile"
Section Consultant: Joan Boone, 360-352-4803
Designers Choice –fresh plant material, dried plant material, or a combination of both.

Eligible for Designers Choice Award


  1. "Tango" – a Multi-Rhythmic design staged on a black open pedestal, 36" high with a 15" square top provided by show committee. Exhibitors may include the pedestal base in their design if desired. Limited quantities of table coverings may be furnished by the show committee upon request.
  2. "Merengue" – a design using 2 containers staged on 24" wide by 30" deep section of an 8’ table.
  3. "Double Pass-Pasa Doble" A Cascade Design featuring red components staged on a round accent table 30" high and 20" in diameter provided by the show committee. Limited quantities of table coverings may be furnished by the show committee upon request.

Section "B" – "Hospitality-Hospitalidad"
Section Consultant: Sandra Zacher, 360-496-8472

Table designs.
Eligible for the Table Artistry & Phyllis Danielson Awards


  1. "Feast of Beast-Fiesta de la bestia" - A Buffet Table for 4 with a Barbecue theme staged on an 8 foot table.
  2. "Sipping Malbec-Tomando Malbec" - A wine-themed Functional Table for 2 staged on card tables approximately 34" X 34" provided by the show committee.
  3. Coffee with Milk-Caffe con Leche" - An Exhibition Table design featuring coffee service staged on 24" of an 8’ table.

Section "C" - "Small Flowers-Paquena Flores"
Section Consultant: Barb Trudnak, 360-489-0197
Petite designs-all staged on one 8’ table

All plant material must be fresh (not dried decorative wood such as driftwood) used, must be fresh or may be manufactured. Lumber built structures & frames allowed.
Eligible for the Judith Juno Petite Design Award & Carolyn Erickson Fresh Award.


  1. "Little Crazy-Poco Loco" – Designers choice of all fresh materials not to exceed 8" high, staged on 4" X 8" square marbleized blocks provided by the show committee. Eligible for the Carolyn Erickson All Fresh Design Award.
  2. "Small Dried-Pequeno Seco" – All dried design not to exceed 5" high staged on Lucite shelving provided by the show committee.
  3. "Cocoa or Tea-Cacao o Te" – Designers choice in a basket no larger than 12" X 12" staged on 18" of an 8’ table.

Section "D" - "Community-Comunidad"
Section Consultant: Ellen Daly, (360) 485-5253


  1. For display only. The show committee invites members of the community to enter a design of their choice that follows the show theme, "Adventures in South America" with an emphasis on the colors orange, green, red, white and yellow. Entries are eligible for the Award of Appreciation.