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Department III - Open Class
Division S - Open Class Fleece and Fiber

​Kathie McWaid – Co-Superintendent, (360) 438-3476
Caitlyn Meek, Superintendent 360-508-6218
Entry Fee: $1.00 per fleece
Entry Deadline: Wednesday, 10am


  1. Registration will be made at the Thurston County Fair Office by the Tuesday before fair. This is to include all 4-H or FFA fleece to enter the Open Class Fleece.
  2. Fleece must be one year (l2 months) growth or less.
  3. Fleece must be exhibited with sheared side out.
  4. Open Class fleece or fiber should be brought to the fair on Tuesday, prior to the opening of fair, Noon to 9pm.
  5. Limit two entries per exhibitor per class.
PREMIUM POINTS ​45​35​25​15​5


​Reserve ChampionRIBBON​


CLASS 1 - Border Cheviot
CLASS 2 - Border Leicester
CLASS 3 - Columbia
CLASS 4 - Corriedale
CLASS 5 - Dorset
CLASS 6 - Hampshire
CLASS 7 - Jacob
CLASS 8 - Lincoln
CLASS 9 - Montadale
CLASS 10 - North Country Cheviot
CLASS 11 - Oxford
CLASS 12 - Polypay
CLASS 13 - Romney
CLASS 14 - Shetland
CLASS 15 - Shropshire
CLASS 16 - Southdown
CLASS 17 - Suffolk
CLASS 18 - Natural color
CLASS 19 - Other wool breeds
CLASS 20 - Other down breeds
CLASS 21 - Commercial
CLASS 22 - Goat


  1. Cashmere
  2. Mohair
  3. Pygora
  4. Angora



  1. English Angora
  2. French Angora
  3. Giant Angora (White Only)
  4. Satin Angora

CLASS 24 - Alpaca

CLASS 25 - Llama


  1. Sheared
  2. Brushed