Department III - Open Class
Open Class Floral General Information

​General Chairman:
Suzann Stahl (c) 360-791-7422

"Adventures in South America- Aventuras en Sudamérica"
An NGC Standard Flower Show
Presented by Black Hills District Garden Clubs

ENTRIES: Horticulture, Design and Special Exhibits entries will be accepted between 4 and 7pm on Tuesday, July 31, 2019 in the Thurston Expo Center.
ADVANCED REGISTRATION is required in Division II, III, IV, and V by Sunday, July 14 (Contact Section Consultant listed below in Schedule).
CLASSIFICATION: Chairmen/Consultants in each Section shall check for conformity to the schedule.
SPECIAL ENTRY TAGS for Open Class Floral are available from the Fair Office and Black Hills District Club Presidents. A list of the Clubs and contact information for Club Presidents can be found at

EXHIBITORS: May be any resident in Thurston and Lewis County and all members of the Black Hills District of Garden Clubs. Also, National Garden Clubs Student Judges may enter any adult class.

DAYS AND HOURS: The show will be open to the public at 10 AM each day of the Fair from Wednesday through Sunday, and close at 10 PM each evening until the end of the Fair, Sunday, at 8 PM.
JUDGING: Judging will take place Wednesday, July 31st, at 8:00 a.m. Only General Show Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Judges Chairman, Classification Chairmen, Clerks, Awards Chairman and Photographer may be present during judging.
AWARDS: This show will comply with the requirements and objectives for a Small-Standard Flower show as established by National Garden Clubs, Inc., and printed in the 2017 edition of the HANDBOOK FOR FLOWER SHOWS available at local libraries and Black Hills District Garden Club members. A list of the Clubs and contact information for Club Presidents can be found at The Standard System of Awarding will be used. Stickers will indicate 1st Place, exhibit must score 90 or more (Blue), 2nd place, 85 or more (red), 3rd place, 80 or more (yellow) and Honorable Mention, 75 or more (white). The entry card with sticker may be exchanged for ribbons in the Fairground Office at the end of the fair. The decisions of the judges will be final. Any award may be withheld if the requirements are not met.
RESPONSIBILITIES: The Show Committee will take all possible care to protect exhibits but will not be responsible for loss or damage.
CONSERVATION LIST: Plants on the Washington State Conservation List may not be used in this show unless grown by the Exhibitor or obtained in a legal manner.
FRESH PLANT MATERIAL shall be emphasized in this show.
NO ARTIFICIAL "PLANT" MATERIAL is permitted in any Division.
REPLACING PLANT MATERIAL: Wilted plant material may be replaced each morning before 9:30 AM.
REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS: Exhibits may be removed Sunday, August 4, after the Fair closes, between 8 - 9 PM, and must be removed between 9 AM and 11 AM on Monday, August 5. Please let the Superintendent know if there will be any problem in removing an exhibit.
NON-COMPLIANCE: Those not complying with these rules forfeit all prizes and premiums.