​How to Enter an Exhibit
at the Thurston County Fair


First, decide what you would like to exhibit in the fair. You can enter in more than one Division and enter more than one item in most Divisions.




Second, the Exhibitor’s Guide instructions for each Division will give the entry date(s) and time(s). Follow the entry rules for each Division you have selected to exhibit in.



Third, obtain the necessary entry form(s) and an Exhibitor Information Card from the Fair Office. 4-H can also get the forms and Exhibitor Information Card from the WSU Cooperative Extension, Thurston County Office. FFA members can get the forms from their FFA advisor.



Fourth, fill out an Exhibitor Information Card and obtain an Exhibitor Number. You must have an Exhibitor Information Card on file with the fair office in order to receive your premium check/award for your entry(s). See the following page for how to fill out your Exhibitor Information Card.