‚ÄčThis site is dedicated to the People and Places of Thurston County. It is hoped that, in the months and years ahead, this site will grow in content and feeling, reflecting the pictorial history that is Thurston County.

What we know as Thurston County wasn't settled and shaped by only those individuals and families that we read about in our newspapers or studied about in our history classes. What Thurston County is today is a result of people, both past and present, famous and not so famous, coming from far and not so far, making their homes and building their futures and helping to shape the spirit that we've come to know as Thurston County.

It is hoped that this site will come to reflect what Thurston County was about in years past and is about today. In the spirit of this endeavor, we are on the lookout for photographs that would be of interest to a visitor to this site, a visitor who isn't looking only for pictures of notable people, but is interested in seeing faces and places from years past. If you have such a photograph and would be willing to share it, please consider submitting it for review.