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Thurston County, Washington

Rezoning a Property Starts by Proposing Changes to the Development Code

How to Request a Change to the Development Code Docket

  1. Learn About the Process: The Complete Development Code Amendment Process.

  2. Get the application forms & speak to a permitting or planning staff member: Building Development Center.

  3. Fill out an Application:     

Applications must be received by Nov. 15, 2023 in order to be considered by the BoCC in early 2024 docketing discussions.

Development Code Amendment Application or Fillable Version

Fee Schedule

Other Land Use Applications


More About How Docketing Works

Anyone may request a change to the County's land use and development regulations using the process outlined below. All requests are first put on a Preliminary Docket.  Next, the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) decides which items go onto the Official Docket through the Docketing Process (detailed memo on docket process). The BoCC then forwards the Official Docket to staff and the Planning Commission for analysis, review, and public hearings.  After the Planning Commission completes its work, items go back to the BoCC, which decides whether or not to adopt them as regulations.