Thurston County facilities are now open to the public with restrictions, including maintaining physical distancing of at least six feet at all times and, per the Washington State Secretary of Health’s face covering order wearing a cloth face covering or mask. If you come to county facilities, please be prepared for potentially long wait times or lines due to distancing guidelines. We continue to encourage residents to access county services online, by phone, by email, or through the use of drop boxes located outside of county buildings.
The availability of remote services vary by office and department.

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Medic One Goals

​Medic One Mission Statement

"Provide efficient and effective pre-hospital emergency services (EMS) throughout Thurston County (Washington State)"

Vision Statements
  • ​The EMS System will hire and maintain caring, knowledgeable, skilled and competent personnel.
  • The System will consistently seek to improve efficiency and effectiveness in EMS services and response times.
  • The System will be responsive to changes in demands by optimizing services and resources, seeking to maintain or improve services and service coordination.
  • The System will improve public education and knowledge about System services/delivery/agencies/personnel and provide citizen training for EMS access and CPR.
  • The System will maintain an effective organizational and operational structure.
Value Statements
  • ​We value a "Service to the Community" philosophy
  • We value excellence in EMS skills, training, experience and knowledge
  • We value ethics, honesty, accountability and service excellence
  • We value service quality as expressed by efficiency, efficacy, response time, customer service and common sense.
  • We value well-integrated emergency medical and fire services
  • We value public participation and customer feedback
System Goals: CARES


  • Provide and promote ongoing quality training of ALS and BLS Responders.


  • Facilitate provision of state-of-the-art Emergency Medical Dispatch through ongoing evaluation and review of services provided by TCOMM (Thurston Communications).
  • Assist and support fire service in the retention of qualified and motivated EMS volunteers.
  • Facilitate the provision of an effective BLS (Basic Life Support) transport system at a reasonable cost to the public.


  • Maintain a system that is appropriately responsive to the relationship between EMS supply and demand related to population growth and demographic change.


  • Maintain an effective and efficient fiscal management system that accounts for all policies, services, supplies and resources.
  •  Facilitate the provision of an effective BLS (Basic Life Support) transport system at a reasonable cost to the public.


  • Ensure an organizational structure that provides for an effective, efficient decision making process.
  • Maintain an effective and efficient EMS system through networking and coordination among all providers and participants in the system.
  • Establish a reliable data system that will adequately describe current operations for ongoing management needs and provide meaningful tools for future operational needs.
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive public involvement, relations, and education program.