Fire/EMS Agency Response Times

​2018 - Basic Life Support EMS Agency/jurisdiction:

  • Area
  • Population
  • Emergency (red lights) EMS response volume
  • Average response time achieved by jurisdiction

EMS emergency response only, does not include emergency Fire responses, non-emergency EMS or service related responses.

BLS Agency average Emergency Response time by EMS agency
(only EMS emergency responses)

January 1 - December 31, 2018
Fire/EMS Agency

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Square Miles
​​EMS Calls

response time


Lacey FD3​71.597,990​9,128​6:55​
Olympia Fire Dept (OFD)​20.1552,490​8,789​5:27
Tumwater Fire Dept (TFD)​17.73​23,830​3,0335:26
SETFA (Yelm/Rainier) (FD2, 4)​13026,140​2,472​8:36
​WTRFA (Rochester/Littlerock) (FD1, 11, 14)​157.73​22,8501,933​7:50
​McLane FD9/Black Lake FD5​79.75​16,280​887​7:43
East Olympia FD6​37.91​11,750​618​9:58
​Tenino FD12​697,020​626​8:49
South Bay FD8​3112,660​653​7:56
Griffin FD13​21.86​5,260​303​8:27
​Bald Hill FD17​70​4,250​256​12:50
Bucoda Fire Dept​0.6​570​58​8:36
County Wide ​24,209 ​6:45

​Data selected for this annual EMS Agency Data Report:

Only Emergency responses (lights and siren/EMS RED) on EMS calls: excludes non-emergency and non-EMS responses/calls for service

Data Integrity Filters applied to this report:

Reaction time between 0-360 seconds: excludes negative and errant reaction time data
Response time between 0-3600 seconds: excludes negative and errant response time data

This report is generated for Medic One/EMS System purposes and may differ from reports developed by agencies due to EMS report data selection criteria and filters. Please contact the individual jurisdictional agency for their response data. This report includes emergency (lights/siren) responses only.

Source: Thurston 9-1-1 Communications (TCOMM 9-1-1) data system

Updated 2019