If you submit an application to Thurston County government, County Codes may require staff to conduct on-property inspections. Some inspections are done to check regulated land, soil or water conditions. Other inspections are done to verify that a construction site or structure meets code.  If you expect a visit from County staff today, check Today's Inspection Schedule for times.

Building Inspections   (Inspections by: Development Services Department) 
Plan Review   |   Building Inspections   |   What Building Inspectors Look for  |  Today's Inspection Schedule   |   Schedule or Cancel Building Inspection  |   Inspection Fees   |   Plan Reviews  |    Video & Remote Inspection   

Gopher Inspections & Other Protected Lands & Habitats   (Inspections by: Development Services Department) 
Gophers & Protected Species   |   Prairie Plants   |   Oak     |   Shorelines   |    Wetlands   |    Aquifer Recharge Areas   |   What Critical Area Inspectors Look for   |   Today's Inspection Schedule   |   Schedule Critical Area Inspection   |   Inspection Fees   

Floods & Hazard Area Inspections  (Inspections by: Development Services Department) 
Flood Zones   |   Land-Slide Hazards

Driveways, Road &  Site Drainage Inspections  (Inspections by: Public Works' Development Review Department) 
Driveways   |    Road Access   |    Stormwater Drainage & Engineered Drainage Plans

Septic, Well & Water Inspections   (Inspections by: Environmental Health Department) 
Septic   |   Water Sources   |   Wells   |   Water Testing   |   What Septic Inspectors Look for   |   Today's Inspection Schedule   |   Inspection Fees   |   Schedule or Cancel Septic Inspection  

The County's Elected Officials Adopt All Codes & Authorize Staff Inspection Requirements

All County Codes, inspection requirements and procedures are reviewed or adopted by the County's elected officials, the Board of County Commissioners before being implemented.