Thurston County Fire Marshal
Fire Inspections are conducted by the county's fire inspector on behalf of the county Fire Marshal who oversees Fire Codes, Including:
  • Inspection of schools, businesses, churches, nursing homes, child care facilities, warehouses, correctional facilities, and assembly buildings.
  • Review of new, non-residential construction projects as well as fire code applications and installations. 
  • Working closely with local fire districts to identify fire risks.  
  • Enforcing the fireworks laws of the county, including the issuing of display permits and inspection of retail fireworks sites to ensure compliance.

Fire safety permits are required for many types of occupancies in Thurston County.  State law gives the Fire Marshal the authority to review all plans and specifications and issue fire safety permits in all geographical areas of the county not having any local authority.  A fee is charged for all fire safety permits issued by the Fire Marshal.  The fee includes the fire safety permit, construction inspections, and occupancy permit, and can vary according to the structure.

Fire Districts
Find out which fire district you live in through an online map at the county's map department, Geodata.

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Find fire-related construction permits for non-residential / commercial structures (A fire permit is not required for single-family or two-family residential structures. If the homeowner decides to install a sprinkler system, however, a sprinkler system permit would be required. Thurston County does not require fire alarm permits for residential structures since the county does not issue electrical permits.)

Fire Districts Served by the Fire Marshal
Thurston County Fire Marshal Office serves 15 fire districts in 737 square miles of unincorporated Thurston County. Each district has full time paid staff, and volunteers. Find your fire district on the county's online map at geodata.org

West Thurston Regional Fire Authority
10828 Littlerock Rd SW  Olympia WA  98512

TCFD NO. 2,  Yelm Fire Department
PO Box 777, Yelm  98597
(360) 458--2799

TCFD NO. 3,  Lacey Fire Department
PO Box 3366, Lacey  98509
(360) 528-2301

TCFD NO. 4,  Rainier Fire Department
PO Box 1055, Rainier  98576
(360) 446-7320

TCFD NO. 5,  Black Lake Fire Department
4402 Black Lake - Belmore Road SW, Olympia  98512
(360) 352-7288

TCFD NO. 6,  East Olympia Fire Department
PO Box 578, East Olympia  98540
(360) 491-5533

TCFD NO. 7,  North Olympia Fire Department
5046 Boston Harbor Road NE, Olympia  98506
(360) 705-0234

TCFD NO. 8,  South Bay Fire Department
3506 Schincke Road SE, Olympia  98506
(360) 491-5320

TCFD NO. 9,  McLane Fire Department
4131 Mud Bay Road SW, Olympia  98502
(360) 866-1000

TCFD NO. 12, Tenino Fire Department
PO Box 4010, Tenino  98589
(360) 264-4116

TCFD NO. 13, Griffin Fire Department
3707 Steamboat Loop NW, Olympia  98502
(360) 866-9000

TCFD NO. 15, Tumwater Fire Department
7007 Capitol Blvd., Tumwater  98501
(360) 754-4170

TCFD NO. 16, Gibson Valley Fire Department
PO Box 1658, Centralia  98531
(360) 273-7646

TCFD NO. 17, Bald Hills Fire Department
PO Box 783, Yelm  98597
(360) 894-2517



Burn Ban Status (Olympia Region Clean Air Agency ORCAA)
Permits to Burn Yard Debris (ORCAA)

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