Zoning Codes


Determines what you can build on or do with a property.

Thurston County government has permitting jurisdiction for properties located in unincorporated Thurston County, marked COUNTY on the property's data sheet. For properties in our permit jurisdiction, zoning determines what you can build or do on it. To find a property's zoning check for two pieces of information on the property data sheet: Jurisdiction of Influcence & Zoning. 

  1. Jurisdiction of Influence
    For county-permitted properties, the data sheet will list Jurisdiction of Influence as Same as Permitting JurisdictionOLYUGATUMUGA or LACUGA, (UGA is an Urban Growth Area located in unincorporated Thurston County that gets permts from us.) 
  2. Zoning
    Zoning can have words, letters and numbers or combinations of them. (Example: RRR 1/5, Rural Residential/Resource.)

activities, see below. See if what you want to do is allowed as Primary Use, Special Use or Prohibited in your property's zone. (Project types & zones have different processes, permitting rules & codes, forms, fees & review times.).