Building Permit for Barn, Carport, Deck, Garage, Shed or Shop
(non-residential accessory structures)

Step 1 - Property Research  
Research can help you find out which regulations apply to your project and location, which could save you money and time.  

Research a Property    |    Property Research checklist (PDF)

Step 2 - Prepare an Application Packet  (Times vary)
Instructions are on each application. In most cases you'll need to gather required information, and prepare plans and drawings. 

Required forms         Checklist (PDF)   |   Master Application (PDF)  |   Residential Building Permit Application (PDF)     

Optional forms          Driveway Permit (PDF) (If adding a driveway.)   |   Road Access Permit (PDF) (If adding access to an existing road.)   
                                           Engineered Drainage Permit (PDF) (If certain condition apply. Ask staff.)   |   Withdrawals/Extensions/Refunds 

Step 3 - Submit a Complete Packet  (1-2 hours)
Bring packet and review fee to the County’s Building Development Center. Packet reviewed for completeness while you wait. If incomplete, we’ll tell you what’s missing.  

County Building Development Center directions   |   Fees

Step 4 - Application Processing & On-Property Inspections  (8-10 weeks*)
Three different County departments get a copy of your application packet, and processes it independently of the other departments. Each department may conduct on-property inspections before or after permitting. You may be asked to provide additional reports, information, or to revise your plans based on County codes. 

  • The three departments are: Environmental Health., Development Review & Development Services. Each has expertise in different parts of County code.
  • Some inspections, like gophers, are only conducted certain times of the year. (Only about 12% of County applications require gopher inspections.)
  • Check the progress of your permit application:   Permit Checker   
  • *8-10 weeks is average. Times vary based on specific project. Large projects and those needing seasonal inspections may take longer. If the County asks for additional information or materials, allow additional processing time.