Public Access is Closed to Most County Facilities Due to COVID-19.

In response to Governor Inslee's Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, Thurston County has moved to an essential services model, in effect
through Monday, May 4, 2020. Courts and other elected offices may operate under different hours or restrictions.

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Permits & Approved Applications
Add-on Buildings  (Accessory structures)
Garage  |  Barn  |  Carport  |  Deck  |  Shed  | Shop  

Homes, Commercial, Churches, Signs
Accessory & Family Member Dwelling units  |   Commercial (additions, new construction, remodel, replace)  |  Change / convert building use (occupancy change)
Duplexes  |  Manufactured Homes   |  Single Family Home (additions, new construction, remodel, replace)  |  Adult Family Homes  |  Churches |   Flags (include flagpoles here) |  Signs

General Construction & Fire
Demolition  |   Hood & Duct  |  Mechanical   |  Plumbing   |  Skylights (new or replacement)  |  Roof / Re-roof (no prmt) |  Siding (no prmt)  |  Stormwater Drainage  |  Structural Sheeting Replacement  |  Windows & Doors (new or replacement - no prmt if like for like)  |  Tanks & Propane Tanks (500 gal unless commercial use)  |  Fire Alarm  |  Sprinkler  |  Fireworks

Septic, Water & Wells
Septic & Sewage Systems (Installation, Disconnections, abandonment)  |  Septic 3 Year Certification (Loan certification)  |  Septic Transfer of ownership (Time of transfer)  |  Water Testing   |   Wells (show Jen)

Property Boundary Changes
Boundary Line Adjustments |  Division of Land (Subdivisions)  | Zoning Change Requests  |  Legal Lot determination  |  Forest land conversion   

What activities can be done on a property (Land-Use)
Dog Boarding Kennels   |   Events  |  Camps & Temporary Camps (RV, homeless)   |   Marijuana Processing   |  RV camps   |  Subdivisions

Roads, Access, Clearing, Grading
Access Permit (access to county road that hasn’t been built)   |  Encroachment Permit  (access to existing county road)|  Construction Permit (Clearing & Grading)

Planning Reviews
Presubmission Conference  |  Administrative Site-plan review   |  Critical Areas Determination (before you buy or build)  |  Gopher  |  Prairie plants   

Exceptions, Exclusions & Variances 
No Permit Required    |  Administrative Variance   |   Reasonable Use Exception  |  Shoreline Administrative Variance  |  Variance

Shoreline Property
Docks  |  Bulkheads & Retaining Walls  |  Homes  |  Commercial  |  Additional Buildings